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Ghost Trying DWC: Chemdog & Girl Scout Cookies

Chris Scorpio

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I learned so much during the comparative grow we did together and I’m so glad I switched over to Dynagro. PW and Farside are the reason I switched. I seen the results PW was getting so I copied him lol.✌
Yup...ditto....Figured if PW is using it, well, Crazy Clown must be right...lol

And you doing DWC is why I just got some

I like the GH Flora trio so far, but easy is always better

I'll still run Koolbloom, and Terpinator in flower, and Rhino Skin through the grow
And of course hydroguard and z7.....
Winter will be nice getting my water temps below 80deg


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I need to get some seeds for next run. I still have some seeds but I’ve run everything already so I need a few good strain for next run. I’m gonna have to do some looking lol, any suggestions anyone. I like indica and sativa, as long as it’s strong lol.✌


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I was thinking @Jack420, you wash your root off pretty good be for transferring to dwc? I was looking at the pic in your journal and it looked like you washed them before transferring but I may be wrong.✌
O yeah I dip dem in a Masson jar with water n root juice n bam


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I am in on this grow. I have the same bucket setup and am going to upgrade the air pump and stone and give DWC a whirl. I should be starting mine up in about 2 weeks. This will be a show me thread.
Welcome, have a seat and maybe we can both learn something lol. my other pump will be in tomorrow and it’s coming with two air stones. The one that come with setup is 2watt single output which you already know since you have one lol but the new one that I’m getting is a 4watt dual output so it should do twice better I’m hoping lol. We will probably be firing up about the same time since I will be transplanting mine from coco to dwc, I’m hoping to transplant them in about two weeks so I can get my dwc bucket fired up lol. I’m pretty excited to get it setup and running.✌
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