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Ghost Trying DWC: Chemdog & Girl Scout Cookies

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I like Chem 2 the best and she has longer chunky colas but Chem 3’s not no joke either. I topped her at 4th node and I broke both little branches that started up so that only left me 1 and 2 node. I quad lined her with the first and second node and broke one of the 1st node branches so that made her a tri lol. I’ve had bad luck with Chem 3 but she still has some nice colas considering. ✌️
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I can’t wait to start running perpetually. I gotta find a lower wattage veg light, I thought about vegging with my 320w QB but may need another to go with it. I’m also thinking of getting a timber cob setup for veg also. The cobs would probably give me the best coverage for the Watts I’m thinking but not sure.✌️
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Grow Journal of the Month: July 2017
Thanks Stltoed, I need to look into that, hopefully I can build a 4 plant rdwc soon. Next run will probably be 4-5 single dwc buckets but maybe I get set something up soon.✌️
Yo scrogster current or last journal beginning had info on rdwc and it dyi might be worth a look