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GHS Chemdog - Jack Herer - Damn Sour - Guerilla Grow - Summer 2014


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Ok here we go,

I currently have a set of Greenhouse Seeds strains outdoors, and germing 2 more at the moment.

1 x Chemdog
1 x Damn Sour
3 x Jack Herer

The Chemdog is approx 3 weeks from popping the soil (I have no idea) and residing outdoors in a 10L pot with miracle grow potting soil.

I have a Damn sour and a Jack herer 9 Days from popping the soil in a 15L trough with a different type of miracle grow soil that expands 3 x in size.

There are 2 Jack Herer seeds that popped the soil this afternoon, they are indoors under a 125W CFL Dual spectrum. 1 is in a small peat pot for starting seeds and the other is in a 6" rockwool cube (Didn't have any smaller ones) on a plant saucer.

I have done a few grows with some interesting results but i have never had a complete setup or done anything properly. I therefor decided to just experiment. After several failed attempts at guerilla growing im giving it another shot (Found better hiding place). I currently have the intention of vegging the 2 JH indoors for a few weeks then put them outside to flower. (Do not have space/cash/time/location to grow indoors)

The main experiment is to see what i can do with a vegging plant in rockwool without a hydroponics setup, i am currently hand watering with an 8th strength of 4-1-1 fert and hoping for the best.

Not much to report at this early stage, but wanted to give you an overview of the situation. Will update with pictures on Sunday.

Any Tips are welcome.



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I decided to pack some soil on top of the lil thing and it perked right up, not sure how its gonna grow but in for a penny, in for a pound lol


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I decided to take a few photos with my phone of the 2 Jack Herer seedlings that germed yesterday.


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