GHS Super Lemon Haze Auto

Smokey D Weed

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My second auto grow of 12 grows
GHS SuperLemon Haze Auto (not CDB version)
63 days from seed in hydro bubbler
General Hydroponics Flora Series - 3 part nutrient - average PH 5.8
150W HPS with 1 - 23W 5000K & 1 - 23W 6500K CFL
18 hours first 3 weeks to gradual decline to 12 hour on 4th week
Flowering at 4 weeks
Super cropped at 4 weeks by gently crushing main stem (started growing like crazy, buds galore)
22" height - bushy
Venting is required by 4th week if odours are an issue for you.
Yield 1 1/4oz dry
strength of buzz - much better than what is available on the street.
easy to grow

Flavour is very pine/lemon like. Definitely more of a Sativa head high with minimal body buzz. 1-2 hour buzz. Come down is not groggy, the high just seems to wear off to a normal state of mind. Great if you want to be social instead of locked to the couch. More energetic high. You can go out and mix and mingle while high on this strain.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Short height for stealth growing, fast start to finish (63 days for me), easy to grow. Good finished product.

Cons: None for me
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