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Gio's 180W LED Auto Diesel Ryder Coco


Going to be starting a new grow after a slight hiatus from growing and subsequently keeping journals. I decided for space issues that I would do a cabinet grow with autos and LED. Also I have deviated from Aero and DWC that I normally use to coco coir. So without any further holdups, here are the vitals for the grow.


Current Strain:
Name: Diesel Ryder (auto-flower)
Breeder: The Joint Doctor
Genetics: New York City Diesel x Lowryder #2
Variety: Ruderalis (auto-flowering)
THC level: High THC
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 6 Weeks
Harvest Month: 9 Weeks from seed
Yield : 28-45g. per plant

Strain Description (from breeders site):
This long awaited third instalment, in the Joint Doctor’s work, is a potent, extremely resinous and tasty auto-flowering plant. An inbred cross of Soma's New York City Diesel and Lowryder #2, this strain normally produces one main cola with less branching than Lowryder or Lowryder #2. Unlike most other Lowryder hybrids created by amateurs, in the guise of new seed companies, this strain has been worked on by the Joint Doctor and mastered over the course of some years to ensure the perfect hybrid that maintains the excellent taste and effect of NYC Diesel whilst taking the auto-flowering genetics. Typical of the Joint Doctor's strains, Diesel Ryder flowers automatically at 3-4 weeks and finishes in 8-9 from seed. A small proportion of this strain will grow significantly taller than other individuals. This is a good choice for closets and small indoor set-ups but please note plants do give off a powerful odour during flowering.

Grow Info:
Plant Status: Just planted the seeds (5/28/2012)
Environment: Indoor / Coco Coir
Lights: 2 @ 90W UFO tri-band
Temps: 75 degrees
Humidity: 40% - 45%
PH: 6.1-6.5
Pests: None
General Hydroponics – Flora Duo all through & Flora Nector and Liquid Koolbloom during flower.
eXtreme Gardening - Mykos WP
Some Epson Salt

Purposely leaving a male in there if I have one.(need seed stock).

Here is a quick picture of the setup. Still have to throw a little something in there for ventilation, but this is pretty much it.



Very interesting sounding strain. I'll take a seat for this show.

Best wishes for the new grow.


Thank you sir. Yeah, I have never done anything but aero or DWC so coco should be pretty cool. Working now so I dont have time to spend a few hours a day screwing around with the res.

your setup looks nice. have you considered scrogging to maximize those LEDs?

To be honest with you, I am not too sure what I am going to do with these ones. The UFOs were way up at the top and turned on only for display. Barely threw the beans in the coco this afternoon so I wont need the light for a day or two. I was thinking I might just LST them. I dont really want to do the scrog, because I will be taking them out to water them in the bathtub.


I didn't buy feminized seeds on purpose. I am going to leave a male in there if I have one. I don't really want to keep paying $12/seed and waiting for them to get here from Holland. I will use these for seedstock. I am only doing it for personal, so I could care less if it has seeds in it, as long as it is dank.

Last time I left one male in with 3 females, I got a few hundred seeds, so I should be able to stock up.


No change yet, still waiting for some signs of life. In all fairness, they have only been in there for about 14 hours. Cant wait to get these started. I am a little excited to be trying out 3 new things in one grow. I have to say that I am also stoked about the ease that I think will come with these.

1.) Coco = less screwing around with PH & EC.
2.) LED = Less stress about cooling and power consumption.
3.) Autos = No timer and lighting changes.

Now if they will hurry up and break the surface, we can get this grow started.


So I am still waiting for these seeds to pop. I am thinking that the seed stock may have been compromised in shipping. I have about an 80% germination rate with my seeds and out of the 5 seeds I have, none popped yet. I contacted Single Seed Centre to see if they are willing to replace the seeds or give me a discount on the next ones. I will be sure to post their response so that you can know if they are willing to work with us on replacement.


So yesterday I decided to disturb the coco to check if the seeds popped. I had none that had germinated, which is not usually the case. I decided to take the chance and pull them out of the coco and throw them in paper towels like I normally germinate seeds. I mixed a tiny bit of Hygrozyme to the water ( 1ml to 2qts water) and left it overnight. I got one of the Diesel Ryders to open up, and have put it back in the coco with about a half inch taproot. I also threw an extra seed in a paper towel as well since I am trying to have at least a few in the closet. It was a freebie that was sent with my last order (Samsara - Shot Adrenaline automatic). Hopefully it will pop and the DR will be a male and I will get my seed stock. I am ordering another 5-10 seeds today in the event that the DR doesnt come through for me.

If anyone out there with a fair amount of experience with autos could recommend a good strain, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been eyeballing Short Stuff Seeds - Himalaya Blue Diesel, but the 8-14wks flowering isnt really going to work for me. Looking for a strong smoke with quick life cycle. Also something that stays at roughly 12-18inches is optimal.


Well, its science experiment time.....

Me being me, I was not content sitting here building websites while I have seeds that won't germinate =). So I decided to do a little research on JD's Lowryder seeds. Apparently there are a great deal of people that have poor germination rates with Lowryder seeds. However, I noticed that the guys that DID have higher germination rates, typically use a pre-soak method for about 24 hours then move the seeds to paper towels or rockwool.

So with this information I decided to do a little more research on the cannabis-ruderalis varietals, and came across information that I found interesting. I read through the information and have a theory about it. Again, this is subjective and without any substantial evidence to support it......

Apparently, ruderalis seeds would appear to be more closely related to hemp than cannabis sativa. I gather from my research that some evidence of ruderalis being closely related to hemp based on its low THC content, climatic tolerance, and natural resistance to mold and pests. It also stands to reason that this is why the seeds are so hard with thick shells. With that rationale, one could increase their germination rate by altering seed casings by scarifying, or soaking, then presplitting them.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I would use the seeds that I have as guinnea pigs. I know that the outer casings on them were saturated, so I decided to split them to aid the process. I very lightly rolled them in between thumb and index fingers (freshly washed hands) applying slight pressure until I heard the seed split. I could see the root in there nice and white so I just repeated the process for the other two unopened seeds. That was a few hours ago and I am happy to see that one is now sending out a tap root and the other 2 have opened themselves up more. I will be very happy about a 100% germination rate on Auto's, since it seems that 60-70% is the realistic expectation.

With that being said, it looks as though this grow will continue without having to buy more seeds. I have one in the coco that should appear tomorrow, and am waiting to get the other ones in there until I have a bonified root that is visibly growing.


Update Time....

Okay, so I am still waiting for the stubborn Diesel Ryder seeds to finish germinating. I think at this point that the three remaining ones may not finish starting. I have tried everything, pre-soaking, light heat, hygrozyme, and still no action.

However, on a good note, I had that freebie Shot Adrenaline from Samsara to take. I will update the OP (opening post) to reflect that there is two strains. After thinking about it, I think that this little cabinet will do better with 2 plants than 4 anyway. I assumed that I would end up with 3, but oh well, could have had none right?

Well here are a few images from yesterday morning, and lastnight....

Diesel Ryder on 06/03 AM...

Diesel Ryder on 06/03 PM...

Shot Adrenaline on 06/03 AM...

Shot Adrenaline on 06/03 PM...


6/04 - Morning Pictures

Just a quick image update from this morning. Definitely decided that I will be putting a label in the coco to make image sorting easier.

Diesel Ryder on 06/04 AM...

Shot Adrenaline on 06/04 AM...


great research and coming up with a solution! Great job! That little sprout is looking healthy to me! gna love the led! Im subbed for this one brotha! :Namaste:

Thank you sir.

Getting seeds to germinate can be very frustrating when they don't cooperate. Luckily you stuck with it coaxed that little sucker to life. Way to go!

Did you ever hear back from the seed supplier?


Bro, these are a real pain in the ass to get going. A few years ago when I was putting seeds in rockwool a few times a week shit was way easy. I live in a warmer climate now, so theoretically it should be easier.

One thing that I think I figured out I was doing wrong, was to treat the coco like soil. I was leaving the PH at around 6.3 and just decided to drop it down to 5.5. I wouldn't normally go that low with it, but I am using Hygrozyme which buffers down to the acidic side, but I know from experience to ignore a few tenths of that. It tends to give a little bit of a false reading.

Plus my PH meter was tripping, so I threw it in the garbage. After trying to calibrate it and it was fubar-ed. I will just use the drops until next time I go to a hydro shop. I used them for a long time before with no issues. I think you pretty much have to be color blind if you cant use them =). As much as I love technology, the electronic meters seem to be shit to me. I have had Milwakee (sp?), HM, and Hanna brand and they all act retarded after you have had them a while. I take good care of them, calibrate, clean, and keep them moist and they still get temperamental.

The seed supplier never responded. I honestly didn't expect them to. The official statement on their site is that they "only sell seeds as souvenirs" so I assume that they don't want the liability of talking about germination. Although, that is kind of a contradiction, when alot of the seed descriptions give growing details with statements like "great strain for any garden". Oh, well right? It was only about $40 for the seeds and that is the last time that I will purchase from them. I bought alot of seeds from Single Seed over the years and never had an issue until this run and the ones that I ordered for a relative. I went online and seen that recently, they are having alot of those issues with seed that people have been buying.

Also a little more research I found that they are selling non-feminized seeds that are distributed as feminized only seeds. I am under the impression that they are trying to breed the seeds themselves and cutout the breeders. That is the only way that you can get ahold of mixed sex seeds from fem only seed stock. Also means that they are crossing it with something else, because if you have all females, you can only induce pollen sacks in the female plants and produce feminized seeds. Not a big deal, about to order some the same genetics from Attitude seeds. I want to try to produce some Diesel Ryder seeds to keep a perpetual going through the rest of the year. Have a few people that I can trade product with so that I dont get strain burn =).


UPDATE 6/8/2012 -

Nothing too impressive. It has only been 7 days since they broke the surface. I expect that they will take off this week. Ignore the tie wire stuck next to them, its only to monitor growth, I have some scientific shit going on here =). Im used to having a whole garage full of plants, so a little tiny ass cabinet with a few plants isn't involved enough for me. Especially with the coco. Hopefully with any luck I will buy a house soon and then do a few monsters outdoor, there is alot of free sunshine where i stay, it would be a shame to not take advantage of it. Might go with Samsara Holy Grail for a few outdoors. Im looking for high yield and somewhat short (under 4-5 feet so you cant see them over the fence). Any suggestions on that would be great. Never done outdoor, so I thought it would be cool to try it out with some raised flower beds.

I mixed up 1/4 strength nutes for them with a watering this today. I went with 5 ml. per gallon of CaMg (general organics) after reading that Calcium def seems to be a reoccurring theme with coco.

Here is the Diesel Ryder that had a rough few days, but I nursed it back to life. Height: 2.6cm


Here is the Shot Adrenaline that is seeming to do alot better than the DR. Height: 5.3cm



Unfortunately with only 2 plants germinating out of the half dozen I will not be maintaining this thread throughout the grow. I will probably post monthly on the progress and the experience of these two auto strains. Sincerest apologies.

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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