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girl or guy

stoned snake

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allright im a bit confused i kno 1 of my plants is a girl but the other one has these sorta bulb shaped things they look like unopend flowers idk ne elp? is thhis a male?


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if its a group of those things then its obviously male, but if its like one big one here or there its hermi....my outdoor grow i have found a hermie, though i was told not to worry about it since the grow is from some bag seed and that it could be genetic...
its a male man, do alittle research read something look up sexing and BAM you woulda had your answer instead of creating yet another thread asking this question....the one just b4 you had pics, even looking at that thread woulda answered it for you.


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can a female clone go hermie?

Only way I fem seeds , Stress Dat'Darlin' :3:

How I manage Who gots' myGenes when I send 'em into the wild.
They keep the seed, they get Hermies ...
hope they never realize It's the pollen on a non-stressDarlin'
That yeilds best results.
and It'll only last 3-4 months , frozen.
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