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Girl Scout Cookies Grown By Cookie Man In A Closet


Hi, at this point, I think I need to move my journal to here. I started it in the cabinet setup section.

To catch everyone up, here is the setup:

A 400 watt HID bulb in an air cooled hood inside a modified IKEA cabinet. I will be attempting to grow feminized Girl Scout Cookies from Cali Connection. I started with 6 seeds, and 4 sprouted. Grow was started on 11/25. I think the girls will be fully done with a nice slow cure by 4/20 or so.

The begining:

I planted 6 seeds about 1" deep in foxfarm ocean forest soil.

And they sprouted on 11/28


And we can fast forward to 12/13/16

And today 12/15 before I tied the ladies up and prepared them for the last bout of vegetation time. I want to get 4 colas off each plant.

And here they are at the beginning of their training. I got rid of all lower leaves that were in the shade and hope that all growth will now occur at the remaining 4 nodes. I hope to get about 6-8" on all of them before I flip to flowering.



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Looks very nice good job you'll have a nice even canopy!! I am trying mainlining on my next project this on was fimming and LST


Today I checked on the plants and found that they were bushing up again and the new shoots were not fully exposed. I decided to re-do the tie downs and was a little more aggressive. Here they are before:

And After:

They seemed to respond well to the pruning and training from the 15th, so I hope they respond well to this.


So I decided to tackle my growing temperature problem for the winter. Having the closet in a closed room only served to heat up the room significantly and leaving the door open isn't an option because of my cats. So I had previously left the room's door open a crack, rigged so that it can't open further and let the cats in. That made it workable for most of the time, but I could still hit 90 degrees. So I decided I have to vent out of the room somehow. I opted for running some ducting out the room door instead of the window since it is winter here now and I don't want to lose that heat. In the summer I plan to just vent out the window. Temps in the cabinet are now 77 degrees when they tended to be 84-86 in the mornings. The max temp is now reading 84. I think that is max for last 24 hours, but I'm not sure on this cheap thermometer. The mancave the cabinet is in is now chilly. This will make the vive much more playable in here. I hope the ducting doesn't interfere with the IR sensors. I also suppose all stealth within the bedroom is lost now.

Here is a pic of my new ventwork:

And here are the girls this morning. They are filling back in nicely and showing good vigerous growth. I hope they don't mind the sudden drop in temps.



After that last post, I noticed some leaves were a little off on plants 1 and 3. It is only on the lower leaves, both plants, and very slight. I am inclined to just monitor their condition and keep a close eye on the other plants as well. overall, I think the growth is moving along nicely and i'm not really worried.



Did you feed and if yes what was your ppm?

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Thanks for asking Ken. I did a foliar feeding with 1/2 tsp of epsom salt in a quart bottle. It seemed to perk up quite a bit. I more recently watered with some epsom salt in the water and switched to flowering. Today is the 2nd day of 12/12 light cycle and I switched to HPS bulb. The picture is color corrected. What a difference 10 days can make.



I was looking at my ladies, and decided they are getting a bit too bushy. The lower budsites were all shaded. I decided I should rectify that and proceded to selectively remove some of the obstructing fan leaves. I also removed the 4 lowest fan leaves from each plant. Each plant looks like it will develop 4 main colas. Beneath the colas are some shoots that come with one off the top and one off the bottom of the main stalk. Then beneath the second budsite, there is a nicely developed pair of budistes coming off the lowest node. Those come off nicely and fill in the middle of the plants. I removed the lower budsite and upper fan leaf from the second budsite of each branch. This seems to be the least developed budsite and will need some extra growth. I hope those lower budsites will fill in the canopy nicely. it looks like a fucking jungle in here now. I'm also watering them today with 1/4 tsp of epsom salts per gallon in the reverse osmosis water I've been using. I'll keep filling the trays until they stop soaking them up in a half hour. I also bent the 4 main stalks pretty aggressively to help open them up. Not quite as aggressive as super cropping. The light was adjusted to be exactly 15" from the top of the highest plant. The plants are now 12" tall from the top of the soil. I have 14" of room left to raise the light while maintaining 15" of space between the plants and the lights.

I'm thinking I might have to snip the top colas to do some back budding to help control height as I max out my space. Any thoughts or recommendations on this?



Well yesterday the plants looked kind of sad:

But they are continuing to get taller, and I'm running out of space.

I gave them a nice big watering with 3 gallons of reverse osmosis water, with calmag, and a 1/8 of a teaspoon of the tigerbloom nutes. The water was pH 7 with cal mag added. I wanted 6.5, so I added the 1/8 teaspoon of tigerbloom to the 3 gallon container. The pH dropped to 6.0. I figured 6.0 is ok, and I can get some pH up soon.

Today, the plants look happier and are now topping out at 18". I have about 6 1/2" of space to raise the light while maintaining 15" clearance.

And the pistols are now starting to show on every plant. Here is one of the larger ones:



Wow, thank the programmers who made this message board, I thought I hit submit on this entry yesterday, but it didn't go through. Luckily for me it was saved. I decided to make tornado plants. See below. I will also post some pics and update from today too.

Nice grow cookieman. Hope mine fill in as nicely as yours do.
Thanks for the encouragement Chronicville. Best of luck to you on your grow!

The plants are continuing to do well and have grown another inch!!! This is getting bad, they are running out of space and I only have another 6" or so to go. Also, the lower branches are getting shaded severely. Have a look. I took quite a few photos since they look great right now.

Since I was cramped for space both vertically and horizontally, I had to get creative to lower the canopy, and get more light to the lower branches. I didn't want to do any more cutting. I grabbed my trusty string and tied the bitches up.

I didn't tie up the shortest one tonight since I ran out of time and the lights turned off. Also it isn't much taller than the trained plants now so it wasn't as urgent. Overall I am very happy with the spiral canopy idea, but I hope it works in the long run.

Today, I came home from work to find the tips on the three I tied up were growing up nicely. The main tip was easy enough to turn back down so it is level with the rest of the plant. I tucked the plant a little bit in on itself using the plant as a trellis to open up the middle area with the budsites from lower area. I'm now about 5 days into 12/12 and am seeing plenty of bud sites and great stretching. I am going to have to tame these girls to maintain some space and an even canopy. I think this cabinet is really better suited for 3 plants of this size, but go big or go home! I think tomorrow I am going to need to tie the growing tips down again. Any idea how much more they might stretch, or when they will slow down?

Here are some pics from tying the last one up:

And here are some of the one from yesterday:

Sorry, today's update was a TON of photos, but I just couldn't resist.

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Nice setup bro [emoji106] I'm gonna tag along for this one....

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