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leaves turning yellow and brown,from top to bottom.growing in hydro,15 gal water. ff nutes,easy balance added,2 weeks ago started using super thrive. ppm 1150,ph5.5/6.5,water temp 79f. plants are2 months,still under a foot tall,started pinching them very young,very very tight nods.
what could be wrong,what did i do? what do i do to fix them.:helpsmilie::thanks:







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water temp is to high,,,,IMO


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Looks like a ph balance is locking something out, Also keep that res temp downnnn. That's the hardest part is keeping those res temps low. Throw few frozen water bottle in the freezer if you must, high temps will ravage roots in no time at all. Start by checking your ph and maybe re-changing the nutes. Start doing a process of elimination till you find the problem.



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Dude that's Mag and P def from either ph-whack-balance and it looks like over-watering o2 def also...

in hydro i would say you are soak-sobbing them you need to look into H2O2 additives to your res...and check ph 5+ times a day...
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