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Giuliani Rejects Legalizing Marijuana For Medical Use

Jim Finnel

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CONCORD, New Hampshire: Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday that people who want to legalize marijuana for medical purposes really just want to make the drug available to everyone.

"I believe the effort to try and make marijuana available for medical uses is really a way to legalize it. There's no reason for it," the former New York mayor said during a town hall-style meeting at New Hampshire Technical Institute.

He also said there are better alternatives.

"You can accomplish everything you want to accomplish with things other than marijuana, probably better. There are pain medications much superior to marijuana," he said.

"We'd be much better off telling people the truth. Marijuana adds nothing to the array of legal medications and prescription medications that are available for pain relief."

After a speech at the first of several stops in the first presidential primary state, the early front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination fielded questions. None dealt with the unpopular war in Iraq.

Instead, voters wanted to know about the failed immigration bill and Giuliani's views on climate change and health care.

Giuliani said promises of universal health care are hollow and simply not manageable.

"If you try to do socialized medicine, a la Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama or Michael Moore, you're going to end up with a disaster," he said.

He urged voters to press other candidates for specific action and to move beyond lofty language.

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New Member
Mr. Nine Eleven lost my vote..


New Member
NH resident here who now will not vote for Giuliani. Who is anyone to spit this crap without any knowledge or facts about the subject.


New Member
Giuli is about to go down the drain along with his nemesis Maverick McCain. The NY fire fighters have a video circulating all over the tubes that show what a farce his hero status is. He certainly sounds like a corporate shill. Then again all rethuglicans have to wear that uniform and they do it with pride.


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Yah because people that smoke weed for non-medical purposes really want the fucking cops to keep arresting people with AIDS and cancer for medical pot use since we just want it to get it in the hands everyone screw the people helps. stupid old politicians suck

Keith Lake

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420 Staff
Mr. Nine Eleven lost my vote..

I'm with you pinch, I thought things were shaping up to be Rudy vs. Hillary

While I don't like either I was considering Rudy because he is reasonably liberal on social issues - that is until he stuck his foot in his mouth on this key issue.

Flush him, I've got no further use for him now.

Happy Kitty

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Any remote chance of me voting for Guliani just went down the tubes after reading this.

Let's hope that Mr. Guliani or his family and friends never need medical marijuana. They will have him to thank.

These yahoos need to get off the anti-MMJ bandwagon and start reading the facts. And so the hell what if it was legalized. No one seems to mind if we make available pharmaceuticals to kids. So all I see is of age adults being able to use MJ, whether medicinally or for recreation, without fear of discrimination or prosecution.

Kind of makes you wonder if pharmaceutical companies aren't donating to his campaign...

For shame Guiliani!


New Member
What do you expect from a pit bull law dawg mentality...here is another man who would justify trampling on our rights as patients...don't you know that Rudy got a medical degree by mail from WannaBe King U? :26:Same place GW Bush got his after Jeb filled out the papers for him...yeah, very popular site for political/medical know-it-alls. It is an American right to get hooked on USP Narcotics w/ all the damages they bring, rather than something benign, because other people might want to do it. :rolleyes3

Herb Fellow

New Member
Ron Paul is the way to go! Isn't it time the people let their voice be heard and make a change in DC? As long as we stay with the two party politics, it'll be the same bull sh*t just a different label.

Herb Fellow

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Republican only in name.
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