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Give it a trim?


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I'm growing a Speed Devil Auto and looking at the limited amount of pictures I can find online of these through their development they all seem to have a similar stature of a main stalk and two side branches.
My plant has been under a HPS on 18/6 since breaking soil and is growing VERY well and has six side branches from the main stem. They all seem healthy and are growing nicely, maybe one or two are slightly behind in size, but they are all showing multiple bud sites (it's been flowering for around 10 days).

I'm looking for a little advice as to whether or not to remove one/two/most of these side branches.
Will this increase the yield of the remaining branches and the cola?
Will I get more overall if I remove them?
Or should I leave them?



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Over 100 views and not one reply :/ Awesome guys

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Ive been reading different thread and some say yes take some under groth off to help feed the main colas. check out some of the grow journals.this may help you to decide.:goodluck:
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