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Gizeh Extra Slim Papers


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Well I was sent two packs of these papers to test for the manafacturer, when I got them they seemed somewhat smaller, but upon inspection they turned out to be at least a third slimmer than the norm...
I instantly got out my rolling mat and decided to give them a shot, only to find once I'd loaded them intomy rolling mat you couldn't actually roll them because of their size.
The company emailed me today to ask my opinion which went something like..." I use rolling papers every day, I found you product hard to roll even when using my rolling mat! I am extremely sorry to inform you that once these products become available in the shop's, I will not be replacing the regular papers I buy with these and I certainly will not be recommending them to my smoker friends world wide, but thanks for allowing me to test them!"


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haha..im sure they loved that....well i liked trying your product..but i didnt indeed like your product lol....its always better to have a paper to big that can be trimmed downt hen one too small that cant be added too
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