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Glad to be here!


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Here is my shot to meet people who have been interested in my hobby too!! Growing up in WA, having seen ALOT of NL#1, Skunk #1, WheelChair weed, GrandPa bud, I have had alot of good friends teach me about the medicinal values of different strains. As an adult moving to the SFV area of LA I got introduced to this new indica (New to Me) called OG KUSH.. I had finally found the taste and potency that was going to fit the bill. Now with my medical card, I am able to bring new flavors to life. I have been playing with Super Lemon Haze, Purple Earkle, Bubba Kush, and now the Cali Connection line, I have really found what I need for my medicinal needs. So for everyone out there who FINALLY don't have to hide!!! GLAD TO BE HERE!!!!:party::party::439:

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Re: Glad to be here!!

Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine,
Thank you for joining the 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness… :smokin:

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Re: Glad to be here!!

Welcome to 420, you landed at a great site. Everyone is very helpful and there is a lot of great information and ideas available.
Don't forget to enter and vote in the 420 contests, Plant of the Month, Nug of the Month and Member of the Month.
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