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GLearn the Color Changing Glass lingo with our comprehensive guide to glassware's stony slang.

Allows smoke to be double-filtered when attached to the stem of a standing waterpipe and keeps the waterpipe free of debris.

Can be used as a cigarette holder or as a small tube pipe (see CHILLUM).

A hand-held waterpipe.

The process of adding decoration to glassware by melting a slender rod of colored glass with a hand-held torch directly onto the exterior of a finished piece.

A funnel-shaped pipe of Persian origins, in which smoking matter is placed at one end and lit while the smoker inhales on the other end.

Named for the pastry. A hole, usually in the stem of a pipe, allowing smoke to split and pass through two passageways.

Named for its resemblance to the tool. A pipe in this shape consists of a long slender stem and an oversized bowl

Any item of smokeware created with such skill and imagination that it transcends functionality and becomes art.

Originally smoked in the Near East, the bowl of this pipe fits into an airtight vase that is partly filled with water. A tube from the bowl passes downward below the surface of the water. Another flexible tube with a mouthpiece is fitted into the side of the vase above the water. Thus, the smoke passes through the water, where it is cooled before it enters the mouth. (The historical model for all waterpipes.)

The technique of laying pattern and design on the inside of glass. This is achieved by flaring out the end of a tube, laying color, gold and silver on the inside of the tubing, and then melting and shrinking the glass back down to be shaped and manipulated into segments that are eventually welded together to form a piece.

MILLIFIORI (Latin for 1,000 flowers)
A small glass painting encased in clear glass. It involves a complex and delicate process of stretching, heating and cutting colored glass rods to create the illusion of a floating, three-dimensional image

NULLWhen a stem of a piece splits into two, crosses over and loops through itself, rejoining the primary stem at separate junctures

A pipe with a U-curve in its stem. Named for the famed fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes, who smoked a similarly shaped meerschaum pipe.

Named for its resemblance to the vehicle attached to the side of a motorcycle. A sidecar pipe has its bowl on the side of the stem, rather than in a direct line.

A basic pipe named for its resemblance to the common piece of flatware.

An elongated tube with a bowl embedded at one end. The smoker inhales through the tube while holding their hand over the other end to create a vacuum.

Generic term for a long-necked, standing waterpipe.


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Moose brother, you forgot the most commonly used and confusing term of them all...

GonG- Stands for "Glass on Glass". This refers to the joints on a water pipe. Sintered glass joints are used instead of rubber gromets. This keeps the pipe completely air tight and inert so the user gets a smooth, clean, and thick smoke.

Also Headpiece should read...

HEADPIECE- Any item of smokeware created with such skill and imagination that it transcends functionality and becomes art, as well as costing an arm and a leg. ;)
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