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Glass tips


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A friend of mine told me about those glass made tips like the ones from Roor or Og.
Did you guys ever try it?
I was thinking about buying one if it's worth it. They told me it makes the smoke much more smooth and cold and that is what I am looking for.



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I did try one a couple of weekends ago and it was about the same a paper tip in my opinion. It would be really nice for a group pass around doob. Reusable is nice, but the little cardboard tips are cheap, work well and are easy to toss. I would take a glass one, but I don't think I want to buy another piece that requires cleaning.

As for your handle ... I bet I killed a few thousand Nutria in my youth! They were and are such a pesky rodent, the "authorities" would pay us 15 cents per tail!

Please take no offense, I just didn't think anyone liked those WaterRats!

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