Glimmer Grows More Autos - Blue Dream - Amnesia & Dark Devil In Coco With MH/LEDs

Got jealous of yours and Arteekays DD so my order went into Herbies for it haha it's going to be replacing my ghc in my next grow
I swear, you're the greatest ambassador for the beloved Dark Devil Auto we have glimmer. What fabulous skills you have girl. :high-five: I hope, I sincerely hope mine comes anywhere near the beauty you've created. She is breathtaking. :love:

I'm actually smoking some of mine tonight. Just vaped some and next I'm going to try a pipe. Different highs. It's a great smoke no matter.

And I also had never seen a RYOT box. Dr. Bob, you weren't alone. I've never even made hash. You'll have to motivate me this grow glimmer. The idea of purple hash is too good to pass up. I can't wait to see yours and I need to look into this box some more.
Dark Devil is a thing of beauty Glimmer. Every time I see the notifications that someone has commented and I scroll past your pictures, I swear I fall in love a little more each time. :circle-of-love: Once the seeds I have here are done, she's on my "to grow list".
Hello, my dears!

Sorry I've been away so long -- I've had a couple of projects for work that I had to get done and it left no time for 420Mag :(

I will get caught up in the next day or so as I'm travelling for work and there's a certain amount of downtime in hotel rooms ...

Here's trichome shots of Amnesia and Dark Devil. I had hoped to chop them before this trip but just didn't have time on the weekend, so they're going to have to go to next Monday when I get back.



I'm just about ready to launch my third grow journal -- I will try to get that up in the next few days, too.

Hope you're all well, and I can't wait to visit your gardens soon!

:jawdropper: unbelievable!!! Beautiful bloody buds Glimmer!!! I sure hope you're proud of yourself. Those are prize winning flowers. I could go on all day! When I see your hand holding those buds it reminds me of a skittles commercial. Cause it sure as hell looks like you're tasting the rainbow!! And I want some!!!!

+reps for a beautiful harvest. I'm sure you and the hubby are a couple of happy cats!

I've been busy too so I can appreciate that. But rest assured that we appreciate the few minutes you give us! :love:

Take care of yourself Glimmer!

Real happy to see that face around here. It's been getting lonely without the sound of your footsteps wondering around.

Can't wait to see harvest pictures!! :high-five:

See you soon! :love:
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