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Glimmer Grows More Autos - Blue Dream - Amnesia & Dark Devil In Coco With MH/LEDs

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Te don't get much better than this Brother Grower & I am already learning from this Grow in Only a few minutes. I can never say this enough to as many Growers as Possible but, "I am Very Grateful for all the Time & Effort you put Into You Journal so as I & Many Other Growers May Learn about Autoz (as I Fondly Refer to them) & how to Grow them Thank You Brother Grower" Now, I truly have enjoyed this Journal as this is My 1st Auto Grow & I wasn't sure about Yield being worth all the trouble of my Grow Technique/Nutrient & Soil,Supplement etc.etc. Once checking out Yours & Riflemans Posts Journals I was Immediately set at Ease and have been checking in here and there to reflect & check that I'm On Track with My Grow. It's like NO Other Place on the Web Here at :420: & I've Never Before Been a part of Something as Absolutely POSITIVE & POWERFUL (in the Best way possible) as This Site. :adore: All I was doing Before I Found 420 via the Amazing Jason King Author of ALL 3 Cannabibles of which I've read all of and still Frequently Refer To for Grow Tips & such. A MUST READ FOR ANY Cannabis Connoisseur Or Grower. Anyhooow, All mI was doing was laying in bed and Wining about how much my Poor life SUCKED! BOO,HOO,HOO. Poor Me! Bullshight! Not ANY LONGER I Refuse to just Lay Down & Surrender to Depression,A.D.H.D.
& Or Any Other Ailment that tries to Keep P.T.S.D. Patients Down & Out for the Count Eh! "Thanks to EVERYONE One Of the Members Here On 420 I Have a Purpose & A Life Plan Again" Bless U All & I Hope Your Feeling Mucho Better Brother and that All Is Well w/U & Yours.

Sincerely: Don D.
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