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Global Marijuana March In Vancouver Was A Hit


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Hundreds gathered at the Downtown Vancouver Art Gallery, and then walked through the lanes waving banners, screaming rhymes and taking their time to make their presence felt all the way to the beach at English Bay.

Through the swelling clouds of smoke one thing was obvious, Vancouver adores cannabis!

Brother Kiwi's beat-mobile broadcast fly tremors as the sun rose to shine brightly on their parade, and mobs congregated on the sides of the road to view the march past and get high off the aromatic smokes.

"We Smoke Pot!", "No More Drug War!", and other rhymes resonated off the fronts of local shops and grabbed the attention of various who joined the march.

Earlier in the day, the officers tried to seize a peaceful pot-smoker in the crowd who apparently had a warrant for marijuana ownership, but some Hug Power and compromises with tense officials prevented tragedy and meant another day of liberty for a budding criminal.

Other than the small episode, police could not have been more supportive and polite, and pulled out all the stops in closing down streets to pave way for the smoky activists.

At the beach, protester spokespersons together with David Malmo-Levine, Chris Bennett, Neil Magnuson warmed up the masses before the smoke gathering at 4:20.

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