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Global Marijuana March - Toronto

The Mad Toker

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Well today was the global marijuana march in Toronto. Though I was working me and a workmate managed to sneak away for an hour or so to check things out. This year had an excellant turn-out with what I figure to be around 15000 people. The actual march itself was somthing to behold. You could see the cloud of smoke above everyones head as they marched down Yonge st and I can honestly say no matter where you were in the downtown core area all you could smell was sweet sweet ganja. The main events were at Queens park and hosted by Marc Emery. They had bands (Ill Scarlett & a friends band King Sunshine), vendors and lots of munchi vendors. Cops just stood around looking incredably bored as they had nothing really to do. I wish I had the whole day off to spend there as it was fukkin amazing. Oh well next year I am going to make sure I am off as I hate myself for having to work today.

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Yeah, the march went on in my city also. I went, it was pretty cool. There wasn't 15 000 people, but it still rocked.. Good times :51:
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