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Global warming sucks!

Smokin Moose

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Sunny Australia, warm and friendly! Bah humbug. We go through years of severe drought and somewhat mild winters, then Mother Nature hits us with a whammy.
The last few days have been dreadful where I live. We are in the grip of an Antarctic cold snap these last few days. Minus 6 yesterday, blizzards last night and today. Minus 15 at Charlottes's Pass near where I live. Floods up north, frost in the tropics.
What are we doing to our planet!
I will be quiet over the next few days until the weather clears. Behave all cos I still have my eye on you lol.


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"Climate is what you expect. Weather is what you get."
Lazarus Long


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I think the weather has been changing for at least a few million years. Much of it is more violent than anything we see today. Al Gore is just dialing for $$$$$$$ with his Jr. High school slide show. I have a very small "carbon footprint" i just wonder if Al will buy my "extra" carbon or does he just want to sell so that only the BIG, powerful profit from my actions.


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I've been keeping my eye on you on the World Sunlight Map and wondering what's going on. Is your computer affected by bad weather?
Now, I'll have a hit or two to wish you warmer weather. SOON :51::51::smokin3:

Smokin Moose

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^actually, the cold IS affecting my computer. I have my computer in an unheated room in my house, and it got so cold the last few days that my fingers were literally bouncing on the keyboard as I was shivering. It's funny cos my darling wife keeps making fun of me sitting at the computer with a rug on my lap and a beanie on.
This supercold cell from Antarctica is going to sit on us for the rest of the week. Normally these super cold cells don't come up much past 40 degrees latitude, but this one arced up and is freezing everything. I guess it would be like waking up to snow in Hollywood.

Dr. Saytawn

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the thing that sucks about global warming is that its been happening for over 30 years and some people still say that its not real...well if they don't want to believe it then global dimming will fuck us up to.

Smokin Moose

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Send any doubters to me here in Australia and see if they still say global warming is not a serious issue.


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I can definitely feel the effects of global warming down here moose...

i remember when i was a kid, that the winters used to be FREEZING! my junior schoool used to give us SHORTS and a SKIV to wear in winter. i remember winters being bitter cold all the time even when you have heating in your house...

but these last couple of years the winters have been noticeably milder...good in a way, but bad in that you know thats it unnatural...

the drought situation is pretty serious too

global warming DOES suck :(
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