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Obviously there is much sarcasm on this one, but as I’m sitting here on this fine Sunday morning smoking my morning bowl in my empty shell of a room I think, how cool would it be if the 420 community had a go-fund me type of thing for growers who have fallen down on their luck, obviously your not going to start a go-fund me page and say hey I need help starting my room back up. But I’ve come across growers who have had hard times wether it be a bad crop or it got out of hand due to dealing with family issues which those do come first, and I’ve helped those that I could along the way some with genetics and some financially.. I chuckle in my own predicament as I have overcome many obstacles myself, I have had an apartment literally have the ceiling flood and cave in from an apartment above destroying my crop and equipment, I have had nearby growers with male plants pollinate and destroy my entire crop and these I have overcome and come back with beautiful buds, but I now find myself at for me close to an all time low. Before moving my family into a new to us home, most of my equipment had been destroyed and what hadn’t been I had to sell off to a buddy to help with our move with him agreeing I could buy them back whenever. Any other point in my life I wouldn’t care how long it would take but of all times, I need my room going to be providing medicine to my girlfriend whos autoimmune it helps, and for my mother who has cancer, as well as myself with chronic back and knee pains.. ohh wouldn’t it be nice a go fund me to exist in a 420 community :48:

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No offense to u but biggest issue is always

Who are you
Who knows you
Scammer or real

I've helped quite a few here, but all where vouched for by other members I've trusted

Pretty sure the Mods would not support an option like that , but ya never know

Good luck my friend

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Go fund me is constantly abused. It's ashame, because I know it could truly help people.
Your friend with your old equipment can't help you?
It is a shame, I myself almost never ask for anything, I surely never want a handout, a hand up once in a while would be cool though.. and he has been doing what he can to help, he is still overcoming a house fire he had last year that took his entire home though. It’s a timely process buying one thing a week but one income in the house with 4 people makes it tough sometimes even getting upwards of 50 hours a week as head mechanic it’s tough in this day n age


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Ohh believe me no offense taken, it’s just a pipe dream I’m dreaming of aloud lol.. I know it probably would never happen. And I’ve owned a 92 25th gen and gotten to drive a 69 yenko with a 454 heavily modded, that was a fun ride!
Yenko!!! Yes pleeease.
Nice idea but Im not sure. Id rather help out on a person to person basis if I can :D