Goats Critical Mass Of Grass, Soiless 2021


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This is going to be my third grow, my two previous grows were Aj's Sour diesel and Runtz. Both where grown from clones.

Here is what I have going on for this plant, Moira!
Critical Mass - 65% Indica 35% Sativa
Medium is - Sunshine #4 with added perlite 70/30
Tent - 30"x30"x60"
Lights - two Bestva P1000=200w actual
Fabric pots - 7gal
Nutes - GH trio, calmag and Koolbloom on hand - Lucas formula
Water - RO
Fans - two 4" extraction, one oscillating

This grow of Critical Mass was started from 420 seed. I soaked the bean for twenty four hours when she showed her tail. I moved her to wet paper towel for another day and then into a solo cup. So far seedling has been given nothing but water, not sure on when I should begin nutes(cotyledon are still nice and green).

On my past grows I used LST with fairly short veg times. This grow I intend to top/mainline, trying for 8 huge colas. Ya know forearm sized:D

Watering has been my nemesis, with plant tied down its been difficult to water plants properly. I have been siphoning out of a three gallon jug with a short section of 5/8th hose. My plan on this grow will be to gravity feed 1/4' drip line set up with three concentric circles. My hope here is that I'll be able to better saturate the grow medium, avoiding channels and dry spots. I'll also need to prolong plants dry periods as neither of my last grows had roots at bottom of pots.

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not sure on when I should begin nutes(cotyledon are still nice and green).
When the cotyledon is fully developed, it will feed the plant for 2 weeks or until the first set of true leaves develop. Start feeding then, but very important, feed lightly at first, something like 25% strength. Then gradually make the food stronger and when 2 weeks has passed, start 100%.

This is when some farmers will start topping, including yours truly.

Your feeding system sounds cool, take a pic when it is operating and post, and please don't hold all that savvy you have to yourself.

Would love to see your grow chart as the Critical Mass grows.
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Stem has stabilized with the additional dirt. Over my fear of whether she will make it or not. My girl is starting to put on some good growth. Roots are starting to fill solo cup, got a good wet dry cycle going now. Still just giving water. Wondering if she'll make it to transplant without feeding.

Thought I lost her due to over watering, but she is resilient! lol.

Gave her a feed after she dried out for a couple of days. Sticking with the lucas method, I feed her 625ppm + a dash of cal/mag.

I also hedged my bet and germinated another bean, Power Plant. So my journal will now include Gertrude (aka gerty). She'll be sown into her solo cup this evening.


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Seven days later, things are moving along nicely. Up-potted CM to a one gallon fabric pot, she didn't miss a beat. Feed this morning with ppm of 625.

Got myself a DLI app (Photone) and calibrated to Bestva's ppfd map. Not sure how accurate it really is, at least its a point of reference. Have light set to 38 DLI.

Is this plant ready for topping? I count 4 nodes? Or should I wait for final up-pot too 7gal Fab pot?


Gerty at 7 days. Seed coat still stuck on one cotyledon, I figure she will shuck it when she wants.
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