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Salutations to all,
As you all know I rarely post pics, but seeing everyones gnarly glass and gorgeous ganj has made me inclined to share aswell.

This is some White widow I obtained from a local dispensary ,it's the best Widow variety i've ever encountered,it reminds me of the very first time I tried the strain. It's devastatingly potent with a very floral and sugary sweet smell.

Apollo 11 (Cinderella 99 X Genius)
A fast flowering resin dripping sativa. A super strong yet warm and euphoric high that can be a bit racy if one overindulges. Smells of pineapples and tangerines. One of the best strains I've ever encountered.

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Heres a picture of my buds in thier containers.
Apollo 11-Red, Green-Nevilles Haze,Dark Blue-Superskunk, Yellow-White Widow, Light Blue-Blueberry, Orange-Sweettooth#3, Purple-various strains

My Bud&Bongs

I rarely smoke herb since having acquired the volcano, but there's nothing like a nice bong rip.
A small bowl of A-11.

And a bowl of Widow to top it off(I apoligize for the blurriness)

That's all for now folks
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I see a VERY familiar bong. The blue one lol.


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I just wish I could get weed like that all the time. Extremely dank my friend. Rep points for sure.


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Wow Mr.OnionGobbler your buds are absolutely stunning!! that white widow looks like the ww that my friends used to grow, completely crusted over in crystals. i like how neat and orderly everything is haha. and props on the volcano :smoke2:


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That is a sweet collection of buds, my friend. Yummmmmy!!! Great crystally stuff.. nice pics! Wish my cam could take good macros like that.

Love the glass, and the volcano...

Tell me.. how do you think the volcano performs in your opinion?? What is the subjective difference in highs when smoking the same buds?? I am looking into selling some of my glass for a volcano... but I need some positive reinforcement :)===~~


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awsome bud collection, and nice bongs


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Cherry looks purple to me too, you got some outer space buds or something? I have never smoked any buds that looked like those, hope to soon though. Good pics man!


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OMG that pic was amazing, all those buds, i couldn't even imagine having all that in my possesion! i am wiping away the drool:laugh2:


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Thanks for all the compliments and positive feedback everyone, they'll motivate my lethargic ass to snap some more pics.

Piczilla, The volcano performs superbly (though I've no basis for comparison having never really tried another vap), The high is noticeably more "clear" which is likely the result of no butane and lack of impurities caused by a lighter. I've also noticed that the effects after using the volcano come on gradually and are very steady and prominant for awhile instead of the high peaking and then soon declining as it would after a bong toke.
Before I got it I thought my vaping to smoking ratio would be 50/50, To my suprise I now vape like 95% of the time.

HAHA, Apparently the widow beans used were acquired shortly after the strain's release, which might explain why it looks so familiar. Whenever I use it I feel like a novice again, luckily I managed to procure a decent amount of it. In your opinion how does the volcano differ from using a heat gun and your PHX? Which do you prefer?


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Very well done sir. Living up to being in my profile.
You should post more pictures, your collection of buds is not only very well selected but very well kept.
You, monsieur, are a true connoisseur.

I was wondering what temperature you setting you use on your Volcano. I use 6.5.


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Sweettooth #3
I've been lucky enough to try a few different phenotypes of this strain, this one being the most remarkable. Apart from its incapacitating effects it's got a really dank smell like musty grapes.

I got a discount on it because it had some excess leaf still on it, how fortuitous.






Random nugs(sorry for the blurriness)

Widow again

I seldomly use this bong anymore, but I decided to milk it for old times sake.

I'll post some bud shots of the random nugs later. Cheers all.
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man all those nugs look insane!!! incredibly dank supplies you have there oniongobbler! i am quite envious, you have to tell me how the blueberry and skunk taste because i havent had either ever since i left the 707

really diggin the picture gallery style too


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damn onion, how much herb do you grow? all those dank nugs of all different strains.
I,sir envy you bastard :adore:


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The Skunk

Has an almost offensively acrid smell, like rotten fruit and has a really confusing, stupefying stone.

Blueberry (I've posted this pic on another thread, I know)

This bud smells predominately of slightly rotten pineapples with a subtle blueberry flavor in the backround. Very relaxing and euphoric buzz, superb chillout/evening smoke.

Alright, some shots of the assorted nugs in the random bin.
B-52 (White widow x Lionheart)

Powerful ganj, it envelops my face and body with a warm tingly feeling. A lovely phenotype,this nug has been curing for about 8 months.

A very pronounced "snappy" cerebral buzz yet relaxing at the same time.
Smells like some form of raspberry candy. This nug is about 6 months old.

Superdank and trichome laden, this strain is something special. Hashy and floral smell with a heavy stone that has you floating about in a elated stupor. These specimens are 10months old I believe.

Picture of wraps and my spoon that I use when travelling. I'm partial to the grapes and peach Bambu, they taste like pez candy and fuzzy peaches respectively and accentuate fruity herbs very nicely.

I obtained this spoon for $20 last fall in Toronto because I was to lazy to spin anymore spliffs.
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