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God calling their bluff

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From: "Edward Belanger"
To: <restore@crrh.org>
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 10:26 AM
Subject: Fw: God calling their bluff

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From: Edward Belanger

Dear Friends,

The Crown in St. Albert Canada were instructed and stayed charges against
me this morning December 4th for posession of a controlled created by God
substance . I sent Allan Rock ,last night, a email telling him if he did
not intervene he may be charged with treason.

I ask the court and the prosecution if they recognise the supremacy of
God. They are sworn allegiant to her Majesty the Queen defender of the
faith head of the Church of England. The Queen cannot commit Blasphemy
and advocate the denial of God and and his rule of law. The first line of
the Canadian constitution says God is supreme and the rule of law,Gods
law. That is why they will not answer the question. Because I open the
bible which the court recognises as the word of God and read them Genesis
1:29 I have given you every herb bearing seed to you it shall be for
meat. I ask the court if it recognises this as Gods gift to man. The
court must reply yes or commit treason. When they say yes I ask them
where thet get the authority to take away God's gift. History in the
making. marijuana is the Kanehbosm (Hebrew),sweet smelling Cane of Exodus
30:23 (new King James version) and is Gods holy Herb of the annointed
ones. How dare they take it away. God is not amused. I also called the
Military about the treasoness acts of the Judiciary and Crown counsel.
They are interested and will be in touch.

When your in trouble who you gonna call the Queen or God?

Operator.......... information......... get me Jesus on the line.

Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger

Please in God's service distribute freely and widely as the word has

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