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Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia


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Hey, welcome to my new grow journal. Here is what is happening. Three plants outdoors, Godbud, Super Sour Haze, and Cinx.

Indoors, two Critical Blues and one Amnesia. Genetics on Critical Blue = Critical Mass, AK47, Mazar, Bluedream. I created Critical Blue, auto feminized seeds. They are great.

Outdoors, I dug big holes and filled with quality soil that has humus and different types of shit. I feed only with Liquid Seaweed and epsom salts as needed. Liquid seaweed helps the plant get all the micronutrients it needs as they are used up from the soil. The epsom salts is for magnesium and sulfur. I started to use this when I saw the top leaves all getting yellow from the centers. In a week, they were nice and green again.

Here is are pics of the SSH (Super Sour Haze)

My girlfriend's hands posing. Her hands are pretty long, though. These leaves are some of the biggest I have seen. I want to clone this strain later and keep her around.

Next is Godbud. She is a bit sad right now because of the heat. Signs of this are taco leaves, leaves get harder, they point down, not droop, and the edges are hard and look saw-like. To prevent this, I might have to get her a cooling net that only let's about 50% of the sun through.

She is using the same soil as the others, but she is in a 25 gallon pot.

Finally, here is Cinx. I need to get updates pictures. She has bushed out so much in just a few days. She is much bigger than in this pic. Actually, they are all much bigger after I started feeding them Liquid Seaweed. I am sold on the stuff.

It says to use 1 ounce per gallon of water, but I only use about 4-5 ounces per 25 gallons of water, and 1 once per 5 gallons of water.

I will try to get updates pics of the outdoors soon. They are still green and lovely.

Indoors, I am doing a couple things with the three autos, 2 Critical Blues, and 1 Amnesia. First, they are in 3 gallon pots made of recycled paper, which helps the roots breath. Amnesia is in a mix of coco and soil, and one critical blue is in a mix of coco-coil, the other in pure soil. All are in the same pots.

Room is 10 feet x 10 feet. 9 foot ceiling.

BTW- what grow shops sell as 3 gallon pots, are actually 1.6 gallons. That is how much water they hold. What they sell as 5 gallon pots, are actually 3 gallons.

Autos don't need huge pots, so these should do just fine. They should get to two feet. In a five gallon, probably three feet.

My indoor grow room has CO2, but I will not be using it this time around because I want to see how to autos do with and without it.

Lights - One 600w HPS, 1x 300 watt LED (draws 181w), and 1x 900w LED Mars II (draws 400w)

Medium - coco is coco, Humboldt forest humus, oyster shell, azomite
Soil is Natural Organic "Gardner & Bloome" Harvest Supreme (premium soil amendment) But I am also testing how plants grow straight in it, with nothing else.

Soil has - Fir bark, forest humus, rice hulls, %15 chicken shit, worm castings, bat shit, kelp meal, oystershell, lime Ph Adjusted, plus mycorrhizae.

One of the Critical Blues are in just the Gardner & Bloome Harvest Supreme only. I want to see how well this stuff grows all by itself.

I am only watering with liquid seaweed and drip clean. Once the autos start to flower, I will use a bloom nutrient bi Ion, or this one stuff from Wilco by Dr Organic or something that looks really good. It's all organic. I figured I would keep it organic.

I will give them epsom salts once they are bigger, perhaps two times in veg cycle, which is only about 30-40 days. They autoflower around day 30-40 and flower for another 40 days. Usually 80 days to finish from when they sprout.

How I sprout my seeds - I prepare warm water, ph it to 6.0, and add liquid seaweed, 1 ounce to a gallon. I soak them in this for a few hours, then I wet paper towles in PH 6.0 water, with a bit of humic acid. I squish out some of the water so the paper towel is damp.

I place seeds inside folded up paper towel, then place the paper towel inside a ziplock bag. Then I place the ziplock bag inside a box or paper bag to keep the light out. I then keep this in my growroom, which stays at 77-80 degrees.

In a few days, they have long tap roots and some have even broken out of the shell. I then rip rockwool cubes in half, place the root in there, leaving the top of the seed pointing out, or plant if it already broke the seed open, then I rubber band the rockwool so it stays together. I water it with ph 6.0-6.3, don't care that many say 5.5 works best. I like 6.0-6.3. Works great for me.

I keep them in a humidity dome until they sprout first true leaves, then I remove that. Leave in the open for a few days, being sure to water daily with ph water and liquid seaweed and root stimulator. (Liquid seaweed is probably all the root stimulator they need, though, so I might stop using the expensive stimulators.)

Once they grow like an inch tall, I place them rockwool cube and all inside a pot of coco, coco-soil, or soil. Doing different experiments, as always.

I bring in fresh air through an air conditioner.

I use a large dehumidifier, which isn't needed right now. It's powered on, but hasn't auto turned on as the humidity is staying at around 40-45. I have it set to 55, so if humidity goes over 55, it kicks on.

The air conditioner is set to be on all the time, so when the temp drops below 77, it kicks on to fans only.

I run three osilating fans in the room.

Most of the time, when not running the co2 tank, co2 levels stay around 450-600, usually around 600. They seem to drop to 450 when lights are out.

Light hours 18 hours of light. However, I leave one regular 13w cfl on 24-7.

Here are some pics of the Critical Blue. It is only five days old from sprouting from the rockwool.

This is what the pure Harvest Supreme looks like. And that is the little baby now.

Here is what the recycled paper pots look like. BTW, they do not get all soaking wet when you water. They remain hard, at least so far.



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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Oh, don't worry, I cover all my pots with about an inch of play sand, so that rockwool will not be visible soon. I like to let the plant grow a bit first. So until then, I did cover the rockwool with the soil.

Since using play sand, I do not have gnat issues or other bugs that like to lay eggs in your coco or soil.


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Thx guys. I have great hopes for the SSH. I think six feet or taller. She will not flower until late July early august, so she still has a month and a half to grow.

The Godbud is not looking super happy, though. I need to get one of those nets that blocks 50% of the sun, sort of like sunblock for plants. I am also going to put a osilating fan on her. That or I might just move her to where she is in the shade for a good amount of the day.


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Picture update.

Here is a auto sweet tooth. Still has a ways to go.

Super Sour Haze update. I am 5'11" and it goes past my waist.

Here is a Cinx update. I fed them some worm castings with iron and magnesium. They should be even greener soon.

The cinx has more tops, so is way busher and has smaller leaves, but she is going to be a beast.


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Most of my outdoor plants got stolen. They left me with Godbud. I will post update pics of her. I think she might have root issues, and she is all organic so I don't want to use peroxide.

I put up a good IR camera system now, so I hope they try to rob me again. I just have no idea why they would take vegging plants out of the ground. They just ripped them out, so there is no way they were able to save them.

Anyway, the Godbud, all leaves were yellowing a lot. I tested run off, which was 500ppm, and 5.1 ph, so bad. I flooded well with drip clean and 7.1 water. I had to put many gallons through her before the run off red 6.2 ph, when I put in 7.1. By then the run off was only 170ppm, so it was never salt build up.

Hopefully, it is not a root issue but just a build up of PH from watering soil with ph 6.0 each time I watered.

She still has a month to grow outdoors before flowering, so hopefully, I fixed her.


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Update. I planted some clones outside about two weeks ago to replace the ones that got stolen. They are headband and kosher kush. God Bud wasn't stolen for whatever reason, although, they stole my tomato plant. I also replaced her with a new tomato plant, which is about 4 feet tall now.

First up is God Bud. She is still recovering from Ph down issues in the soil. When I first made her mixture, I put some mushroom compost that said on the bag, for acidic plants. My bad. So now I have been putting this good lime on the top and watering with just well water, which is about 7.1 ph. She is slowly recovering. It might take a while to get the soil back to proper Ph. Hopefully, she grows some more before she starts to flower, but most importantly, hopefully, she and the soil are fully recovered when she starts to flower.

Next up is Kosher Kush. She is doing very well so far. Has grown a lot and is staying green. She is in an 18 gallon tote from walmart that I drilled holes into the bottom and the bottom sides. I filled her up with a mix of Gardner & Bloome Harvest Supreme and Gardner Bloome Blue Ribbon Blend. The Harvest Supreme is the soil amendment I have two of the autos growing in.

Both are fully organic.

I've been feeding with Ph 6.5 or so water, and every third feeding with liquid seaweed. I also have been top spraying the soil and folier feeding with Dr. Earth Home Grown Organic 4-6-2. It has other good stuff in it like aloe vera, perbiotics, microzea, humic acids, yucca, black strap molasses, etc. Good stuff.

I spray the top of the soil about every week, so sometimes that is every other feeding.

I also put two inches of play sand, which is washed sand I bought at Home Depot, on top of all my plants top soil. This keeps out fungus gnats, so they cannot lay their eggs in your soil, which mess up your roots. Also, if some larva happen to get into your soil before placing the sand or some other way, when they hatch, they cannot escape. The sand acts like a barrier of broken glass to them.

DO NOT use beach sand or something that could have harmful shit in it. Be sure to get play sand that is washed. Or if you get beach sand, then boil the crap out of it. Anyway, the sand is cheap.

The Head band is in the hole I had dug for SSH. I removed a lot of the soil and replaced with the same mix I used for Kosher Kush. I made a protective net around her to keep my cat from digging holes in the sand or shitting on her top soil. It also helps shade her a bit until she is large. Once large enough, I will remove the net.

I build the net with plastic chicken wire from Home Depot, $19 for 3 feet by 25 feet. I used one bamboo stick and weaved together the edges so it would stay as a circle. I weaved the other bamboo stick through to help hold it in place.

I know it is hard to see her, but she is nice and green. I will be sure to get a picture with the plastic chicken wire removed before she flowers.


Now for the indoor autos. As I suspected, coco with the soil amendment, the same brand I used in Kosher Kush's mix, works better than the soil amendment by itself. In all tests I have done with any soil vs coco, or a coco-soil mix, the coco wins.

The one on the left is Critical Blue, my own strain in coco and the soil amendment. The one in the middle is Amnesia, in just the soil amendment, and then on the right Critical Blue, in soil amendment.

Interestingly enough, you can see the one in the coco blend is the tallest. All are in the same pots, which are called 3 gallons but hold 1.6 gallons of water. Small pots.

The tallest Critical Blue got to 27 inches, so two feet and 3 inches, which is really good for such a small pot.

Amensia got to 21 inches, and the smallest Critical Blue got to 17 inches.

All are 36 days old.

All are fed the same thing, Ion Line of grow and bloom, plus Ph plus by Ion, and Moab PK. I have only feed them once with Moab so far. Will do so again around day 55.

They will have about 40 days left



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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Photo Update. I love how fast autos grow. They change everyday.

Autos are now 43 days old ( so they have about 32 days left. Imagine how much those buds can grow in 32 more days.)

First up are the autos, which look like they are going to have big, thick colas.

And now for the outdoor update. The Headband is almost three feet tall. Hopefully she doubles in side when she starts to flower. But she still has about two weeks to veg before she starts to flower, if my plants flower by august 5th.

Kosher Kush is about 2 feet tall and getting bushy.

God bud is super bushy and about 4 feet tall. She recovered from the acidic soil and is looking pretty green and growing again.

Feel free to ask questions and post pics.


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Love it man!! I'm new to the outdoors. I've never gone bigger than a three gal. inside but went with all five gal outside.

I have a bunch of 18 gal tubs I used for DWC buckets they might go in to.

I vegged in my dungeon for a couple months and I can already see how happy they are in their new homes.

I thought about some autos this summer but never made it happen.

I will be following this thanks for being one of the cool ones!!


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Grimm, awesome. You can get some pretty big plants outdoors in 18 gallons, especially if you start vegging indoors a few months before June.

My Super Silver Haze would have been 5 foot or taller by now, and would have reached 7 foot or taller after entering flowering, but it got stolen. Had to replace her with the Headband.

The Headband was barely 14 inches tall or so when I planted her in June 27th or so. It took her a good week before she started growing after transplanting her into the ground, so she only has been growing outdoors since July 1st, so for 19 days.She is already almost at the three feet mark, even taller than the last photo I posted 2 days ago.


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Autos are 61 days old now. However, the second critical blue in the black five gallon is like a week or two younger.

First up is outdoors.

I'm looking down at headband. She is about 4.5 feet tall. I am happy with her height considering her late start because my other plants got stollen.

I need to get a picture of Kosher Kush. She is much bigger. I wanted to wait until she perked up because she needed water. Okay, I decided to take the picture, even though she isn't fully perked up.

The outdoors have me a bit worried. They are just showing sex hairs. I can't be flowering outdoors two weeks into October, dammit.

And now for the autos.



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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

I got some regulars in seedling stage, a few nodes now, for my next grow after this one is finished. Autos indoors are getting close to coming down. ;)

The new grow indoors will be Critical 47 #2, second generation of seeds from my auto strain. They seem to grow faster so far. I will get picks up, but will be starting a new journal for that grow.

Also part of that grow is regulars, White Widow x Big Bud and Incredible Bulk. I might also take a few clones from Headband outside or maybe Kosher Kush.


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

I harvested a few smaller autos from my indoor room. They never got very big. They grew their whole life under the Mars II 900w. So far from my experience, that light doesn't veg autos well, but does flower them decent enough.

Here are the autos still left to be harvested soon. Auto Critical Blue and Critical 47.

Here is a bud shot.

Next up is a pic of the plants for my next grow. It is in pure coco. I will give details of the grow in a new journal. I am growing a few autos as booster crops for that grow. Critical 47 autos for booster. The regulars are in 1 gal pots right now. 3 White Widow x Big Bud and 3x Incredible Bulk.



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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

Outdoor update. Unfortunately, they still haven't preflowered, which means a late October harvest, which sucks for Oregon. That sucks even for California. Going to have to deal with bud rot for sure.

This is an outdoor Critical Blue. It is a bit over 3 feet tall. I've grown auto mazars in 10 gallons a bit above 3 feet tall, so unless this outdoor Critical Blue, which is crossed with blue mazar, gets 4 feet tall or taller, then a 10 gallon is plenty big for an auto. In fact, I get 3 feet tall autos in 5 gallons, so...


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re: Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

That crit blue looks killer Derf.

Take it easy Frenchie :D
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