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Godisalie - Debut Grow - Chronic - Rhino - Soil - 600W HPS


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There needs to be some new terminology invented for how new I am to this, Noob just aint cutting it....Anyhow.

All materials were scrounged and borrowed. This is a ongoing bedroom grow

1m x 1m grow tent
1.5m x 1.5m grow tent
250w hps
600w hps
2 WHITE RHINO + 2 CHRONIC-( a few days sprouted when a friend gave me them)
Assorted fans

I was left with a set-up and have had to blag it thus far never having grown so much as a daffodil before. That was a few months ago

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Re: Godisalie-Debut grow-Chronic/W-Rhino-soil-600w HPS-

Thanks Brocious, Jumping into the abyss of growing has been scary but seeing my girls budding is giving me hope.
Im a pessimist by nature, "So Dont weigh your bud til its dry"
As a first-timer its like loosing my virginity all over!

By the way, Your grow looks ace. A strain I've never heard of. I must delve further and journals such as your own help a lot of people
Good luck with your grow :goodluck:


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Re: Godisalie-Debut grow-Chronic/W-Rhino-soil-600w HPS-

OK,This has turned into 3 grows now. Being able to self medicate is an amazing thing so this has to continue and soon maybe find my perfect medicinal strain.
I failed to mention a trusted friend (LD) took some cuttings but they got little stunted when we were waiting for the 1.5m tent to arrive(£120 ebay),but they are looking OK
This was taken a few weeks ago, shamefully they are on a baking tray

The cuttings from the main plants got big enough to put into the big tent.
The 2 chronic + 2 white rhino dont have long so I've pushed them into the corners and put the ten cuttings in there today. Night photo

Anyhow, I knew I would soon have an empty tent so I bought some seeds last week which my pal LD (You the man) nurtured until today.
5 super lemon haze, 3 the church, 3 pineapple chunk in the 1m tent

Just to make clear it has not been easy. I have had issues with stem rot, spidermites, heat.Everything. :reading420magazine:BIG thanks to everyone on this site for helping me thus far, when I was not even a member and without thanks.
To the casual observer I hope no offence is caused by name, It is meant Go-disalie and not a religious sleight


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Re: Godisalie-Debut grow-Chronic/W-Rhino-soil-600w HPS-

holy its a forest
:slide:The forest's so dense I can't see the wood through the tree's:slide:

Looking at my 4 tiny little weeds I thought these cannot possibly produce bud..Ye of little faith..I should kick my own ass with my heel
Now I've developed a bit of an obsession, I'm seriously thinking of buying another tent and getting rid of my bed. I'll just sleep sitting up like 'Leon'

Mardo seeing your journals I can tell you are some sort of mad scientist...You dont need luck you have Einstein on your side:MoreNutes:


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Re: Godisalie-Debut grow-Chronic/W-Rhino-soil-600w HPS-

The trichs are all clear on my main four plants so I'll keep an eye on them. Ive started to flush my main plants with water but I've read so many different people say theres no need but I dont know if its wise to start experimenting.
I hope my babies hurry up so the can get dried cured and smoked:yummy:

It's getting busy in there

The cuttings taken from first four have got tall since they've been in the big tent reaching for the light.Here are a few


This one has a two stems from a few inches up the stem. Could be a monster

Pathetically I did not have enough pots so the nearest receptacle had to do

While I'm here...
Big shout to RAZZLE "mouth". Thanks I could not have done this without you mate.
:high-five:HIIIIIGH FIIIIVE:high-five:


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Re: Godisalie-Debut grow-Chronic/W-Rhino-soil-600w HPS-

The last group shot

The cuttings started budding about 5 days ago so yesterday the decision was made to cull the main four to allow the offspring to reign supreme.The trichs looked an even mix so the trial begins hopefully without error.

The big leafs were stripped off and the whole plant turned upsidedown and hung in the loftspace. Hopefully this will be adequate.
I did not get the chance to take many photos, Maybe I can snap some nice budporn when they are dry.

In breaking tradition Im going to call this one Dr Dre

And this one is his skinnier cousin Snoop dogg

Being a mere minion on this wonderful site Im just off to steal the requiste knowledge required to ensure proper drying so I can provide a good smoke report (and be stoned writing it)


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Re: Godisalie-Debut grow-Chronic/W-Rhino-soil-600w HPS-

OK. The 8 chronic + 2 white rhino cuttings have their own space.
NOTE: I have been trying to stop them growing as they are huge and have been starving them and until today only had nutes once a week and not even water everyday. Today they had cannaboost and some bloombastic



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Re: Godisalie-Debut grow-Chronic/W-Rhino-soil-600w HPS-

Okay.....I'll need a fresh cup of Tea and a camberwell carrot for this one.

After 4 days in the loft they were uniformly dry, So they were layed out on my bed and pruned. Regrettably I did not have the time for photo's.
I've put the buds in different containers in a dark cupboard and they have been smokable from day one with almost no harshness, Maybe because I did not go overboard with the nutes(which were for hydro(canna aqua) instead of soil(canna terra). The taste has increased daily and after 3-4 days its couchlock time

The 2 CHRONIC plants were tough crispy buds and the main colas was were huge. What a smoke. I dont know if I am biased but THIS is the chronic

The 2 WHITE RHINO's is a tastier smoother smoke and has dense bud's that stay moist in jars/containers but were a comparatively poor yeild but they had issues so I wont hold it against the strain

:cheer: 12 oz combined total :cheer:

And on it shall go....I have their offspring to tend to

I call them "The 'I'm so dumb i thought there were eleven of you' ten"


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