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Goedendag, from the MD higlands.


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Hello all, dropping in to introduce me-self and say hello to a like minded and kind community.

I'm a 30 something husband and father and a veteran of the US Army.

I am a daily smoker that chooses MJ to help with anxiety and pain management (from a bad accident). After years of taking OTC pain, depression, anti-anxiety, etc Meds my brother asked me to try toking up a little with him. I had tried a little whe I was younger but it wasn't my thing. What I found is that it helped...beyond my expectations. So this is now how I deal with it.

Anyways, with the help of MJ..I'm off all of those nasty, awful, stomach wrenching meds.

Right now I hope to glean some wisdom/support from this site/forum to commune with other like and kind minded folks. My hope is to be able to eventually grow enough to take care of myself. :peace:


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Thanks for all of the hello's and well wishing. Seems like there is another way that many respond in threads so I will have to take a look a some of the FAQ's to see better what I am doing.

@ all - Was lucky enough to be in the service during a time of relative peace (Clinton Admin). Lots of training, nothing too intense, an accident put me out medically.

@ Jessi - Nope not in Scotland but in the higher elevations of the Free State, I do however have some Scottish ancestry.

@ Soniq420 - thanks for the link to the grow FAQ, I have spent alot of time in it already:).

My wife has been telling me I've been on this site alot this week, I have. She has Facebook, so I think it's fair.

Thanks again everyone! I am just starting to dig into the wealth of knowledge/support and community this site provides. Later...
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