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Going Fourth On Another Tent Grow


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Welcome to the start of my 4th tent grow. The great thing about this one for me is that my grow is almost made of free seeds from the awesome breeders of Seedsman, Fast Buds and Barney’s Farm. Only 2 beans I had to shell out any of my own money for, but I’m not going to complain about that. So nothing is really changing setup wise from my past grow

WHERE: inside 4x4x7 grow tent
GROWING IN: 7G fabric grow bags
LIGHTS: HLG 600H Quantum Board
MEDIUM: Pro Mix All Purpose Soil Mix

This time though I will be using Mega Crop as my main source of nutrients. Made the switch a few weeks into flowering in my last grow and this shit works amazingly. I might use a PK booster near the end but overall it’s all MC for this grow. So I tried autos in my last grow and didn’t have the greatest success but I learned a few things and bought a light meter to help me along (also bought it for my projector setup but that ain’t important) I tried 4 last time but I’m only doing 2 this time around because of obligations to the breeders who provided the beans. So what am I growing? Well I shall tell you (*the seeds I did pay for)

Blackberry - Fast Buds
*Critical Orange Punch - Dutch Passion
*Blue Cindy - G13 Labs
Orange Sherbert - Barney’s Farm
Shiskaberry - Barney’s Farm
Glookies - Barney’s Farm
Critical Purple Kush - Seedsman (comparison grow link in my signature)
White Widow - Seedsman

So I planted my seeds this past Sunday, and all 8 sprouted today and have reached the surface. So that’s a good start and here’s hoping for a healthy and successful grow. Not the most exciting pics but pics nonetheless




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I’ll tag along for the ride.

What’s your plan to run the autos along side the photos? I have autos feebies but can’t figure out how to run them with the photos.


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I only have the one tent and so they will be in with the photoperiod plants. Last grow I grew my autos at 18/6 until they finished after 12 weeks total and so my plants vegged for the 12 weeks too. I don’t think I will keep them at the 18/6 until they finish this time. I will probably veg/grow on the 18/6 light cycle for 9-10 weeks tops, then switch to 12/12 from there. Hoping that all will be done by mid April, just in time for me to veg a few seeds/clones until it’s warm enough to plant them outside for a summer grow. Well, that’s the plan anyways


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Hiya Eh. Nice - I like the sound of the invite list for this flower party. It’s gonna get loud! Congrats on an unbeatable germination rate too that’s just:yahoo:. You dropped dry beans straight in the soil, or soaked them a day first? I gather you didn’t go the paper towel route.
I too recently made the switch to mc for nutes. Loving the simplicity of it. It’s cleaner too. And quicker, right? Nice to have more free time :cool:
Coincidentally about to start my fourth round in the tent too, although grow creep got me and I’m using part of a storage cupboard for veg now. Looking at turning my flower tent into the veg tent and getting a bigger tent for flower. Anyway..
Hey I was super impressed with the finish on your recent DrSeedsman. She was a real beauty.
I hope to see you do the same with these.


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seeing the result of MC in the thread just made me wanna try it. Couldn’t complain about a free bag they were offering either (although Cnds need to pay like $9 for shipping. Still worth)

as for my seeds, yeah I just wet my soil, plunk dry seed in, lightly cover and panic/find god for a few days and hope they sprout. All 4 of my tent grows have been done this way (and one done twice because I FU and killed all but one plant 11 weeks into veg) I have only had 1 seed not sprout on me using this method(Dutch Seed Shop Black Domina freebie i got with my order from them) I would love a 2nd tent but sadly it was cramped enough in my basement getting my 4x4 setup. Even that tent needs replacing because of pinholes around my zipper seems. Using some old curtains during flowering to protect them from going hermie on me

hoping to be more active in my updates compare to my last grow. Don’t want to disappoint people


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Couldn’t complain about a free bag they were offering either (although Cnds need to pay like $9 for shipping. Still worth)
That’s a good deal for a freebie :)
I got one of the 10kg bags to nz for a little over 300 of what pass for dollars here :p
Still worth it. It’s a lifetime supply. And less than a crappy oz from a crappy dealer would cost too, so boom.
It’s us guys subsidising you all, probably. Happy to anyway if that’s the case.
Black Domina freebie i got
I know a lot of this is just down to how terpenes work with an individual’s endocannabinoid system, but if it’s any consolation it didn’t do a lot for me. I didn’t like the taste, the smell or the high. It may have been badly grown (it was bought) it was definitely badly dried. Maybe you had some and loved it IDK.
Even that tent needs replacing because of pinholes around my zipper seems. Using some old curtains during flowering to protect them from going hermie on me
I drape a blanket across the front of mine for the pinholes it has too, only mine is less than a year old. Standing in the sally port in front of it when the light is on it’s like the night sky over a battlefield, or Hollywood possibly, with spotlights everywhere.
This must be a more common issue than we knew?
hoping to be more active in my updates compare to my last grow. Don’t want to disappoint people
Your garden, your journal, your pace, mate.


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DAY 20 well I’m a bit late on my update, and sorry for that. So they have grown but they are all lagging behind on where my past grows would be at this time. My temps in my tent weren’t getting above 70f and hovering around 67-68f instead with colder weather finally hitting S. Ontario. So a few days ago I decided too increase the brightness of my lights and that helped warm my tent to the mid 70’s and they finally seem to be growing at a more steady rate. Hopefully by next week I can finally start my Quadline training and top my girls. Most were just starting their 3rd node as of today, so fingers crossed. So here are my pics with my star pupil taking the centre stage (not much to brag about now, but she’s on her way)




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DAY 37 VEGGING again sorry for the late updates. Kind of a rough time as my dog has been having some hind leg issues and think it is maybe hip dysplasia or arthritis. So we have started giving him some CBD and seems to be working, and will try making our own from my Doctor Seedsman harvest in my previous grow. Plus getting closer to 4 years since my father passed away and still gets to me and family around this time. So enough glum and more of what we came here for, plant updates. So I did go ahead and Quadline my photoperiod plant but have had some issues with the limbs snapping on me. My CPK lost a limb, but everything else is working and/or hanging in there. My tent vent hasn’t been on for more than a night. Keeping it off, fan blowing inside and misting my plants/clones has kept my temps up and humidity high. Last year this was a big problem for me because of the very cold Canadian winter (stupid polar vorte) Sadly I think I will need to put it on my exhaust fan as my autos have started to flower on me. Them clones seem to doing ok too, with the side leaves burning but the core looking healthy and possibly ready to hand off to my buddy by the end of this week or next week at the latest. So here are my latest pics




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DAY 55 man I keep thinking I update this regularly but clearly I have not. So my autos are coming along nicely with my Critical Orange Punch really starting to stack over the past week. My photoperiod gals are looking fuller and fuller everyday. My Blue Cindy is looking HUGE and my Glookies is just getting bushier and bushier. I’ve tried training her but she just keeps regrowing and plumping round wise. Wish I could see more of a stretch of my gals but they just seem to get wider. Decided I will flip to flowering in 8 days/start of week 10 because I will need some stuff for a cousins wedding. I have volunteered to be her budtender for her big day. Sure I have stuff now but wouldn’t mind having some Sativa with my collection which is pretty much all Indica at the moment. So here’s hoping I don’t screw up from here as it’s my wedding gift for them. Anyways here are my latest pics as of today




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DAY 58 just a quick update to my tent. With the canopy of my plants getting as thick as it is, I decided that my quantum board wouldn’t be enough to cover everyone properly when I switch to flowering (plus I think they said my lights were good for a 3.5x3.5 flowering coverage) So I ordered yesterday (installed today thanks to my prime account) a Mars Hydro SP 250 light to the tent. Sure looks brighter in there and my tent corners no longer have that slight shadow look to them. Plus the temps so far don’t seem to be too warm, even with the added light in there. I think I went up maybe 3-5f tops but still under 80f. If things get a little steamier I still have my mesh vents that have yet to be open to help out in that and increase my fan speeds. Thankfully I have also noticed a half inch to an inch increase to almost everyone with each new day. So looks like Sunday will be a go for my switch to flowering :yahoo:so I might as well add some new pics as well.




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DAY 64/1 FLOWERING Well the big day has come and flowering has commenced. I don’t have my SCROG net up yet but I will in a couple of days. I think my Blackberry auto should be ready to chop very soon and allow me to spread my gals out just a bit more. I wish both of my autos would of been done before the switch to flowering, but my Critical Orange Punch in the back right needs at least 2 maybe 3 weeks before it’s done (especially with me going to 12/12) Even after one day I saw everyone grow probably an inch from the day before. So the flowering stretch should be interesting to watch for everyone, and will prune up the limbs once my stretch is nearly complete. So here are pics of my gals as of today




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DAY 73/10 FLOWERING Well 1 down and 7 more to go. Last Friday I chopped down my Blackberry Auto and WOW! did she ever smell strong and gassy. Still need to work on my autos but I got 182g of wet weight and should be able to jar it up tomorrow. Good thing I chopped because I’m getting crowded in my tent and hopefully next week I can chop my Critical Orange Punch and get even more room to spread my gals out some more. Placed my SCROG netting up and nice to see the plants slowly rise above the lines knowing they are growing. Overall I think 4 inches is the most stretch I’ve seen so far out of my Orange Sherbert and Blue Cindy. Hope to see everyone really stretch over the next week and a half. So here are my latest updated pics to share

Blueberry Harvest


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