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Going to colorado


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Hello all, my name is alan - I am a retired law enforcement officer in Floriduh and a disabled veteran. I used mj in Vietnam a few times and loved it. At the ripe old age of 66 I have arthritis is every joint in my body. Some from sports injuries and others from my law enforcement career. I also deal with PTSD from VN. Since my retirement seven years ago I've used mj nearly every day to help with my problems. My state has a law requiring 60% of the vote to pass a constitutional amendment and we only had 57.6% at the mid term election recently. So we must continue to be criminals to get the help we need in this ass backwards state.

I've decided to make a road trip to Colorado to try some of the various strains to see if they work as they say (pain, energy, mellowness, etc). I also would like to try the honey oil and the yellow sticky stuff. Can anyone help me by recommending a shop in Colorado Springs or nearby where I do not need a mm card? Also does anyone know if law enforcement watches for out of state vehicles trying to bring mj out of the state? I realize I would be taking a huge chance bringing some home but if I obey traffic laws with my wife and two doggies I think I will be ok. Please I welcome any input from veterans. Please don't hold my career against me...I rarely made an arrest for possession. Thanks folks.


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You can check out weed maps or leafly app they will direct you to a shop that is rec also menus to choose from

I can't believe that they are stopping every car leaving the state but I wouldn't be going shop to shop and buying then rolling straight out of the state,if you have to do that find an old state route/ backroad

And now around here a drug bust during a traffick stop is common so be careful make sure all lights are working check them at every fill up carry replacement bulbs, being former LE you should know how to cover your a.. Better than the avg joe


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Hi, I made a trip to Denver to sample the goods there just this past September. I went to two different clinics, or stores. In Denver, and maybe in Col Springs, there are free weekly newspapers that are set out in paper boxes on street corners. Those papers have tons of ads for weed shops. There's no stealth about it; it's all very open and you don't feel that you are being watched by anyone at all...least of all the police. Most advertisements state that they sell both medical (need papers) and recreational ( for anyone). The chances of having problems buying there seem extremely low to me. I was actually more worried about getting jumped by street scum because I had to walk a few miles between stores and I think that weed was really strong smelling.

I'd advise you to research weed shops on the internet. Make sure the info is up to date because most of the literature on weed in Colorado seems to date back to the days when it was legalized and there weren't too many shops open yet. There's plenty now.

I chose two places: one was a medical clinic that had sold weed before the law passed and now also sells recreational. This shop was very classy...you walk in, there's an attendant behind glass who greets you and asks for your driver's licence, which he keeps until you are called from the waiting room. The waiting room is a bit like a doctor's office. The other "patients" ignore you and seem like middle class professionals. Once I was called I went into the store, which is nothing like a doctor's office, and more like a very neat, small head shop. It's no big deal to buy...the woman who helped me suggested her favourite which i bought, and then I asked her for a quarter of her strongest plus some candies. Since I'm from Canada she wasn't allowed to sell me more than a quarter ounce. That's the maximum an out of stater is allowed to purchase --U.S. or Canada doesn't matter. No one records it if you go to more stores that day...you can easily buy an ounce if you want...there's no record of your buys. I bought a total of half an ounce that day.---Actually it was too much for my short stay in the states and I ended up flushing a quarter oz of Col's best down a Vegas hotel toilet before my flight home.

The second place I went to was a dive. A crappy store front joint. Most of the attendants seemed stoned. Right smack on a high traffic street. Not a completely sketchy area because there was a lot of commerce but there were also a lot of low-lifes hanging around too. They didn't seem to care how much I bought but I stuck to the one quarter oz here too.

I drove from Denver to Vegas with my stash. Never felt anyone being concerned with me at all. I don't think any state wants to spend money policing the little bit of Colorado dope moving between states. The reason i say this is because the weed in Denver is pretty expensive and you can buy it cheaper and just as good off the street as in the shops. (my quarter oz from the nice clinic cost me about 175.00 but that included the candies) The same quarter in Canada would cost me maybe 60-75 dollars. The quarter oz from the 2nd place was way cheaper and the quality was similar.) I tried the candies but my tolerance must be high because they didn't do jack for me, although everyone warned me to be careful...I ate two at a time and got zero out of it. So I'd stay away from those.

I hope this is at least a bit helpful to you.


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Hi there Nalaeyak! Welcome and thank you for your service. You are definitely in the right place to get the answers you're looking for! These guys and gals are amazing! Good Luck in your quest.... it's one of my hopes to someday make a pilgrimage to one of the legal states.. even better would be if mine went that way but I don't see that happening any time soon. Take care!


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good luck with the drive,investigate the state transports laws before you decide your route.

Kansas and Oklahoma have both made record arrest in highway drivers,Its odd how,out of one side of the states face they say,"we have wasted all of our man hours on stops and searches"" then on the other side of the face they say""look at all this search money we have""
they wont legalize in my state because they make more money busting people.

be safe and drive smart

welcome to the site


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You will find it incredibly relaxing to shop in the cannabis shops here in Colo. Look at their ratings on the net, read the reviews, and pick some shops that sound good to you. There's lots of good shops. However, due to high demand, most of the recreational shops are pretty expensive, especially to people from out of state. You need a local card for the Med shops. You can visit as many rec shops as you like, but expect to pay $30-60 per 1/8 oz. You'll find all the oils, edibles and bubble hash too, but they are $$$. I suggest making a trip up to Denver. I believe they have the best prices in the state. The MM industry is in CO is completely legit and out in the open. They won't deal with you without the proper paperwork. If you get MM in CO, it's the real deal. Most black market weed is weak in comparison.

Based on my experiences, edibles in the recreational shops are a complete joke. Don't waste your money. The tourist areas in the mountains are way, way overpriced. (Like drinking in the ski towns).

No cop wants to bust someone with personal stash, they're looking for people carrying lots of cash or pound quantities. Plan a nice road trip with Colorado as one of the stops. Utah, around Moab is also pretty nice and close to Co. BTW: It's really, really snowy in the winter in the mountains. We laugh at people from the south trying to get their car out of the snowy ditch. (then help push them out). Plan accordingly. Indian summer is usually mid Dec to Mid Jan. Avoid Feb-April unless you like to ski. Crested Butte or Steamboat mid Feb to mid March is heaven. New snow and sunshine almost every day.
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