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Golding Awaits Report To Make Policy Decision On Ganja

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Prime Minister Bruce Golding revealed Wednesday night that he was awaiting a report from the Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Ministry before making a decision with regard to the decriminalisation of ganja in Jamaica.

During Jamaica House Live - a monthly radio call-in programme - Golding said Dr Kenneth Baugh, the deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs and trade, has been instructed to investigate the international ramifications if the illicit drug were to be decriminalised locally. A caller brought the issue to the prime minister's attention during the second instalment of the radio programme Wednesday night.

The caller wanted an update on the report submitted to Parliament by the National Commission on Ganja, which recommended decriminalisation of the drug. Back in 2001, the commission recommended an end to criminal sanctions for adults who use the substance in small quantities for private, personal use, and as a sacrament for religious purposes.

The seven-member commission, headed by Professor Barry Chevannes of the University of the West Indies, submitted the report to then Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, advising that ganja use be decriminalised under specific conditions.

"What is your government's plans to deal with that?" the caller asked.

In response, Golding said, "(We) want to re-examine that report, because I do believe we should deal with it. Once I have that information (from Baugh), then I'll be able to guide the process of dealing with the report of the commission." Baugh, he said, is to do the necessary investigations and advise him of the international consequences to which the country could be exposed if ganja were to be decriminalised.

The call-in programme, hosted by Golding, was extended from one hour to an hour and a half. The programme lasted from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and was aired on 10 local radio stations, including Power 106 FM.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner
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Website: Jamaica Gleaner News - Golding awaits report to make policy decision on ganja - Friday | February 29, 2008
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Just think what that would do to their tourism industry! Let's go to Jamaica, mon.


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Do you think the US will put an embargo on a country if they legalize cannabis? Look what the Netherlands did, on paper cannabis is illegal but in action it is extreamly tolerated. Jamaica is tolerant of cannabis, they mainly go after exporters and drug tourists. It is going to be interesting to see what will happen in the next few years with Canada and now Jamaica trying to change thier drug laws.
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