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Time to start a new journal :Namaste:

Going with Crop King Seeds Jack Herer autofem. The first one popped about 9 days ago but she didn't too well once in the soil. She's been growing real slow since. I kept her in the pot for now to see how the newest one compares. I took a picture of her so you can see she's very small and stunted. I had to pick the shell of a bit so that may have hindered things.

The second seed popped on Friday and by Saturday evening I put it into the soil. Today it was coming above ground so thought I'd take a few pictures and get the next grow journal started.

I'm a bit concerned that this grow will be going into the start of the cold weather. I'm not sure how I'm going to keep the tent at a steady temp. After reading Atrain's use of 20/4 I increased to that from 18/6 in the hopes the tent doesn't cool off as much at night when the lights go off. I also changed the dark period to be mid-day.

Additionally, I suspect I may have more height issues due to this being a sativa and wanting to stretch a bit more.

No need for me to feed for several weeks. I'm just going to cross my fingers that we make it out of this newborn stage. Always feels so touch and go until I get a couple sets of leaves.

Crop King Seed - Jack Herer Auto Fem - 70 sativa / 20 indica / 10 ruderalis
One day old so far
In a small grow tent and the area is 30x18x30. It's in the garage. Raised it off the ground and away from the doors to help keep it warmer
Happy Frog FF Potting soil with perlite added into 3g fabric pot
Under a 300w Mars Hydro LED (old style) - will put some CFL's in when flowering starts. Currently 20/4 hr light.
6" exhaust fan is not being used but I do have a large fan blowing inside

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Hello everyone. I've been extremely busy at work and was out of town for several days.:icon_roll Probably going to be busy the next two weeks.

Haven't been able to visit any pages lately but hopefully tonight I can drop by everyone's threads.

I came home to find that both Jackies are doing well.;) I have a dilemma now, having left Jackie1 with Jackie2. Here is their story:

J1 - popped on 10/15. Into soil but I did not see her until 9 days later where she struggled to get out. She was 3 days old in the above shot. Basically 8 days of being stubborn under ground.

J2 - popped on 10/23. Out of soil on 2 days later.

Ideally I would throw another 3 gal pot in there but I don't think I have the room. Maybe if I got rid of the fan but I need something to keep the air moving.

I can't imagine a recommendation to keep both in the same pot. I'm thinking J2 is the stronger one even though she's 2 days younger than J1. Looks taller too.

Should I transplant one to another pot? Would I be better off choosing one and focusing on that?

Assuming 75-80 days, I'm looking through new years. It's going to get cold out there:xmas:

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well what would have possessed you to put 2 in one pot? I say leave em both or transplant both to a bigger pot. no need in wasting a good plant, even if you raise one just to take some clones from then kill or flower em both together do an auto scrog lol
i thought ruderalis kept them short? well as for the heat i went to walmart and picked up a 10$ ceramic heater and i keep it a steady 73 at night very easily with built in thermom
Guess I'd probably transplant them into two smaller pots and watch therm for another couple of weeks. Get some more growth going on before deciding which one to put in the 3 gallon pot. You could always read up on Bonsai plants or practice doing some of the more radical training methods on the weaker one. I just hate to waste anything green.
Good luck with them whatever you decide to do!
Welcome Stage. Thoughts on my dilemma?

Dang Golfer thats a tough one. :hmmmm:
I would transplant. No sense in wasting a seed. I have seen from experience, one will not grow as well as the other. Wonder what A-Train would say?
MJ is crazy competitive when it comes to nute intake and root mass:Namaste:.
I've been so damn busy that I'm barely able to get on and read thru some threads!:surrender:

I will transplant one into another pot this weekend. Going to be tight in there so I need a good fan I can hang in there. Maybe even another light :winkyface:

Hopefully some pics soon.
Skipped out early and only worked 14 hours today. bleh:trance:

One of the great stress relievers for me now is messing around in the garage. I'm still awe struck at how quickly they grow once they start to take off.

I HAD to get in the garage tonight and split the girls up. I was getting concerned about waiting too long to do the split. I have to think it will be fairly stressful for Jackie1 (I moved her to the other pot) and likely impacts Jill2 (she wasn't moved but they were kinda close). Grabbed another pot, filled it with Happy Frog and perlite and watered well. Tried to separate equally between and go down as deep as I could to separate J1 from J2. Tried to pull as much dirt in one clump as I could, then transferred to the other pot. I purposely didn't water before separating because I thought wet dirt and roots might tear more rather then when it was slightly drier. Watered both plants well in their own pot when finished.

I've just been giving them water and J1 is on 4 sets of leaves, J2 is 3 sets. J1 is 14 days old, J2 is 12. I am thinking I might start with some low strength nutes and give them a good watering this weekend. I'm hoping 2 days from now I can see how well J1 is doing from the move.

As you can see from the picture, it's a little tight in there. Better to do this than cram them together in one pot. I couldn't bear to destroy one for no reason. The little crappy fan I have no longer works so I need to find something that will fit in this space. Might also start hanging some cfl's soon rather than waiting until flowering. I don't feel like both of them are going to get as much good light as one would.

Depending on how they respond, I may be starting some light LST with the hangers. It all depends on how they do from the split. Otherwise I would have started LST now but I want to give them a couple days.

My northern lights showed sex around 28 days, so in a little more than two weeks hopefully we see two ladies showing up :thumb:

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Why do those pots look so big? I am using 2 gal and i can fit 6-9 pots in my tent if i wanted to, but those things are huge i might only get 4 of those in my tent
Why do those pots look so big? I am using 2 gal and i can fit 6-9 pots in my tent if i wanted to, but those things are huge i might only get 4 of those in my tent

What size are your pots?:smokin:
Two days from separation. J1 is hurting, J2 is doing ok. I'm hoping J1 has stabilized as she doesn't seem to be getting worse. It's definitely going to impact her growth comparted to J2.:trance:

J2 is doing ok. Little curling on the leaves. I put a 4 bent wires to hold those first two sets of leaves down a bit after I took the pictures.

I got a new fan in there. I'm hoping I can pull off 2 3gal pots in there. Small dose of nutes tomorrow for day 17.




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