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GonG Question.


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I got a new GonG zong and I was wondering it I ordered a 17.5cm 14.5mm Roor diffuser would it fit in any GonG peice? I'm not sure but I think mine is 14.5 just guessing on the size and how easly it clears. Likewise, would a Roor ashcatcher fit in it?

P.S. kittyloaf, since I know you're eventually going to come in here (I hope) know anyone that can do some nice custom (heady) ashcatcher?


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My friend just knocked it over and broke the downstem.


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Shouldnt of put it by my foot lol.

Everytime you put it by my foot while i'm on the comp I always hit it.

But I was High and I still feel bad about it. Don't take it to the heart.
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