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Gonna Try Growing Some Autos, Thanks Fast Buds, & More


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WHERE: inside 4x4x7 grow tent
GROWING IN: 7G fabric grow bags
LIGHTS: HLG 600H Quantum Board
MEDIUM: Pro Mix All Purpose Soil Mix(75%), Pro Mix HP (25%)
ADDITIVES/NUTRIENTS: 3Tbsp of Glacier Rock, 3Tbsp Bat Guano Dried Powder, and Advance Nutrients

Smoothie - Fast Buds
Californian Snow - Fast Buds
Pineapple Express - Fast Buds
MK Ultra Kush - T.H. Seeds

Do-si-dos - Canuk Seeds
Purple Bud - White Label
Purple Urkle - ApeOrigin
Dr. Seedsman CBD - Seedsman

So I still have my 2nd journal I need to complete and keep updated for my outdoor clones. Which just as of a few days ago started to show signs of flowering. This grow should be interesting, because I have never tried growing auto seeds before. Gotta thank Fast Buds, who were kind enough to send me a few freebies to try growing for them. So my last indoor grow produced some great vaping buds but was a small harvest compare to my very first grow attempt. So I’m thinking my autos will finish in what, 9-11 weeks. So I will mainline train my feminized seeds up until my 4 autos are harvested. This way each harvest will have plenty of light to grow with and I promise to do a much better job in training them. I will continue to use my Advance Nutrients for this grow as well, but also bought some Glacier Rock Powder and Dried Powdered Bat Guano. I have added a few tbsp of each to the soil and mixed in well in hopes that they help my girls out in the long run. Might eventually buy an air pump and try brewing it into a tea as well.

So I hope you fellow growers enjoy and follow along on this journey. It isn’t the most exciting pic but here we are on Day 1 of my journey into autos



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Me too mate. Gd by any chance ?. lol. i have to finish this run i am on now but will be joining you with germing mid sept hopefully. I am also a 1st time auto grower so will be watching to see how you get on with interest. Are you training or lst ect ?.
Best of luck


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I might be asking a lot of questions with my autos. I tried Quadlining my last grow and didn’t do too well, but I’m thinking I know some of my mistakes now and will maybe try it again with the autos. I will for sure be doing some LST as well or might just LST the entire grow with a topping here and there.

Best of luck with your auto attempts as well. Might be able to help each out in the long run.
I'm wondering if a og spring type of training is good for auto's?
I'm going to try my first auto soon, I'm just waiting on seed delivery

Looking good, happy growing!


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DAY 24 Ok I haven’t updated in a bit but things seems to be going well. My feminized seeds have exploded in growth and probably the biggest I have seen my plants at this this early in its growth cycle. I still haven’t fed them anything nutrient wise and is all thanks to the Bat Guano and Glacier Rock dust I added making up the soil for the pots. So 3 of the 4 were big enough that I decided to top them and start setting them up for a mainline grow attempt. They are in a Quadline setup now but I’m keeping that 2nd line in case I snap a limb like I did in my last tent grow. Give it a week or so and then I will snip my emergency backup grow line. Also going to attempt cloning my tops at the same time and maybe the same for the emergency grow line when I snip them. The autos are still smallish in comparison as the growth is very short and stacked. Was kinda hoping for a little more space/separation to help in the LST, but will do my best with what I got. So I shall post new pics, with a tent pic I took yesterday before the toppings I did today




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Well as of yesterday it seems like all 4 of my autos have switched into flowering mode. Non have really grow tall but I’m hoping with some of the LST training I have done over the past few days and flowering being activated will start their upwards stretch. Don’t know what to expect being my first auto grow but can’t wait to hopefully be surprised. As for the feminized gals, I think they are doing pretty great. I have gone ahead and topped everyone this past week and have taken the tops, dunked in root powder and planted for a hopeful clone in the coming weeks. I probably won’t be growing them out but I have a few friends looking for possible indoor plants soon. More than willing to share what I can’t use and help some friends out in their grow attempts. I kept telling myself I was going to mainline this grow because I didn’t have the greatest success with my last grow, but damnit aren’t they looking good right now. I had short stubby growth with my last attempt but these limbs seems to growing/stretching longer in comparison. So I will either love the end result or once again harvest in disappointment and maybe learn my lesson to grow with what my gut said at the start. Still haven’t watered with any nutrients but will probably start in the coming week and see if they do anything in response. So here are today’s pics





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Well it has been a bit since my last update. Been keeping track of my grow but been sort of side tracked getting ready for my brother’s wedding at the same time. It was about 2.5hrs from where I live and went very well. I also became a sort of secretive Budtender for some guests too. Everyone was mostly for it but my brother-in-law is completely against and still doesn’t know I grow/use. People seem to like the “lettuce” I grew and got a couple very energetic on the dance floor(could of been the booze too) I just wish I could of joined them throughout the night but I had to drive. Anyways back to the actual tent. As you will see things seem to be going well. My Californian Snow that struggled in veg has just decided to stretch out of no where last week. My other autos are bushy looking but hoping they will put a little bit of stretch in soon. The feminized girls are also looking nice and bushy but my training looks awkward as hell. Still have like 3-4 weeks I think before I flip to 12/12 with my autos still flowering. By then my side branches I’m training out should stretch upwards and give me a chance to lollipop them training wise. When I topped them a few weeks ago I placed the tops in simple potting soil to see if anyone would take. Well 3 still look lively but my Purple Urkle just looks lovely as hell. Very happy how it turned out with a ton of healthy roots showing in the container. I shall be gifting it to a colleague at work later this week for his daughter to grow in her indoor tent. Hoping to get a few more clones out of my girls in the coming weeks to hand out to other follow tent growing friends soon.so I give you my belated updated pics




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Ok it has been a long time since I have updated my thread and I’m sorry for that. Brother got married and past month we have been prepping the house and my mom for a right knee replacement. Suppose of been at the beginning of October and canceled on us while waiting for her to go in, because they didn’t have any beds for her afterwards. So she had it today at 7 am and she didn’t get a bed until about 4pm.

Anyways back to my plants.

So my autos have all finished and have been harvested. My MK Ultra got me only 16.5g dried (but good shit) Smoothie gave me 27.5g of dried goods. As of tomorrow my Pineapple Express and Californian Snow should be able to be jarred up. Both grew about 113g of wet product. So with them done I was able to Finally flip my photoperiod gals to flowering. i have been dealing with some leaf issues here and there, again a phosphorus issue for me. Never had it with my Viparspectra lights but both grows with my Quantum Board have. So I added more dried bat guano and glacier rock dust to the soil about 4 days ago and it does seem to be helping out with the latest growth. So I will try to be more active again with my updates as I’ll be taking the month off to take care of my mom as she recovers. Should turn into a lovely Xmas present when all is said and done


Dr Seedsman

Purple Urkle


Purple Bud


Californian Snow

Pineapple Express



MK Ultra


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DAY 97/13 FLOWERING Amazing what a week will do in flowering. My leaf health is looking better, especially on my Do-Si-Dos plant. My leaves are still a little light on their green colour but new growth looks normal colour wise. So I have increased my watering to almost every 2 days and I think the reason my leaf health has changed for the better. Not much stretch over the week for my gals, but still close to 2 more weeks of that to happen. Not expecting much actually for the stretch from what I have read on the strains and from growing Purple Bud in my first grow. Let’s hope they just fill in and become wonderful plump colas as time goes. Can’t wait on what they do over the coming weeks. So top to bottom Dr Seedsman, Purple Urkle, Do-Si-Dos, Purple Bud and a tent view



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DAY 106/22 FLOWERING They finally look like they are putting on some weight since my last update. My Doctor Seedsman is just looking fatter and fatter everyday and stacking firmly. Purple Urkle is also stacking nicely too and really started to get her colour back. My Do-si-dos just over the past day or so has really started to put on a strong sweet and slight skunky smell. Purple Bud is well pretty much the same. Extremely bushy looking but not putting on much or any real stretch. Also starting today I stopped using my Advance Nutrients and will be using my free sample of Mega Crop until the end. Starting them at the recommended 6g/Gal and see if I’m good there, and I think it is because I swear my Do-si-dos stretched in some areas a few a few hours later after my watering. So top to bottom Dr Seedsman, Purple Urkle, Do-Si-Dos, Purple Bud and a tent view



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DAY 128/44 FLOWERING again apologies for the late updates again. A few things have changed since the last update. First of all, my gals are finally changing colours and it’s all thanks to my cold water feeding. You can especially see it in my Purple Urkle with almost a complete changeover to purple. From the leaves and now the buds themselves. I’m still using Mega Crop and have also brought in some Overdrive from Advance Nutrients for last weeks feeding and for this week coming. Then I guess I go into flush mode before the final weeks are here. Still some issues health wise with my Do-S-Dos and Purple Bud leaves, but my gawd is PB getting fat this past week. Do-si-dos is still smallish in girth, but more than makes up for that in super frosty goodness. I was hoping for a Xmas harvest but it seems like it might be closer to a New Years harvest. Either way, it should be a nice harvest but might have to stagger the harvest for the bottom half on a couple plants. Then I can start my next harvest for Barney’s Farm and Seedsman and the wonderful freebies they have sent my way. So here are my latest pics. Cleaner looking were taken with my phones today, it cola shots from my iPad a couple days ago.






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