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Good amount?


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It's been years since I bought them. It looks about right. I think the dealer hooked you up a bit since there are a lot of stems in there, which is basically dead weight (which does not count towards bud weight). They must be in a hurry or don't take their business seriously. Too many stems and seeds can drive buyers away...


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Agreed, that looks like pretty good bud for five bucks. I believe the technical term is, "Score!" :high-five:


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Could be a good deal or could be a crappy deal.. you are the only one qualified to answer that question..

Was it worth the 5 bucks to you?

Well then, there ya go...;)


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If its enough for a blunt...then your all good...

wow...takes me back in the day...nickle bags...

and then a song came into my head..."I got 5 on it!!"

Probably about the same era...lol...
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