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I'm not very experienced with those CBD Oils.
I want to know if they are good for pain, and do I have to ask my doctor before consuming CBD oil?
Can someone recommend a good CBD oil to me? I was able to read some reviews on CBDTopReviews but I would like to know more about this from you guys.
Thank you!

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:welcome: to the forum.

I recommend 'CBD - A Patient's Guide to Medical Cannabis.' I don't know what type of pain you're dealing with, so I have no recommendation. Quite often a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC is recommended for pain. Currently I'm using a mix of strains (Nightingale + Crown Royale) decarboxylated, and put into capsules for chronic lower back pain. The problem with this approach is inconsistent dosing as some capsules have more trichomes than others.

I bought a rosin press to extract the rosin, which I will mix with oil before encapsulating it to overcome this problem. I'll also be able to mechanically extract the THCA, and decarboxylate the sauce to convert the remaining cannabinoid acids. This approach will allow mixing up an accurate, consistent cannabinoid mixture.


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I was looking for a very long time a good store from where I can buy quality and inexpensive oil . Recently, my friend come from Canada and brought me products of the company Global Cannabinoids . I liked them very much , the quality is much better compared to American brands .I advise everyone to try this product.
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