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I am on my third grow the first was a disaster for many reasons mostly my mistakes. Second was two blue diesel autos that went 82 days seed to harvest and had no issues at all just water. Note first grow was Crimea blue and super skunk, again had bug, nute, and soil testing issues. Second was with two blue diesel autos were a breeze just water routinely and fed once following MG non-organic soil and should start to enjoy the blue diesel this week. The third grow ongoing because of seeds available I went back to photo plants and I have one at day 25 of flower but a couple of leaves are looking like the attached and I would like to nip the problem in the Bud (pun intended) as Barney fife does and Trying to match pictures and all the opinions out there is confusing at best and one deficiency looks like six other deficiencies . I have covered all the nutes the last feeding was with FF tiger bloom and bloom and added cal/mag. I believe it’s a cal/mag deficiency based on the 100s of pictures and confusing opinions on the net. But I would be great full if one with more grows than me to take a look and offer some sage counsel on what the problem is, vs what it is not. One other strange phenomenon in the same plant is two or three leaves have their tips twist sideways to the left, the tip turns to the left with no bending, folding, canoeing, cupping, drooping, tips curling up,but, twists or turns left with color changing to yellow/brown. This plant is a Crimea blue in MG non-organic basic potting soil. Any help is much appreciated since I am about 40 days to harvest with this problem plant. I am attaching photos of the leaves with issues. I have both sides of the leave with the center leaf tip turning left. There are three sets of pics starting with the turning leaf and the backside of same leaf and I did the same for the next two specimens. Thanks in advance for any guidance provided and go in peace!


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Could you post pictures of the plant? That would help in diagnosing the problem.

My guess as still a newbie is that you have a pH issue or something else locking out more than one nutrient, but I advise waiting until someone with experience shows up.


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It’s not ph it has been 6.4-6.7. So no issues there. The nice thing growing autos they are done in two months. The MG non-organic potting soils keep fungas gnats away and as per instructions on the bag feeding starts after 30 days so for my two autos and using caution I used half doses on nutes. So with autos finishing in two months no organic special soil is needed the plants are fed once and that’s pretty tmuch it because harvest is close. Hope this helps


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Thanks for the replies ph is 6.5 tested today 8/26/19. After adding cal/mag the ol’ Girls seem to be perking up, it’s still a wait and see for a couple more days to make sure that was the problem.
The new growth will tell the story.
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