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good flowers or too much leaf?


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Those was taken on day 26 of flower. I'm on 28 now and the buds just keep getting bigger.
I know I'm asking about a highly debated topic. But I don't want to stunt growth but I also want big buds so what are yalls opinion on removing the leaf or just tie them all back and trim when they completely yellow out.


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Lot of leaves, I'd prune a little.


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Yeah I was pruning a little here and a little there. But I noticed every time I would prune. My buds wouldn't grow as much as the couple of days I didn't prune. So you figure the plants stresses when you cut leaves and I should have done it before I flipped to flower. I made the mistake of waiting to long and my canopy is too thick now. So I'm going to spread the buds out with the twine. The stems are not too woody so they won't break .next time though I'm gonna do a properly done prune before I switch the light .
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