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Good Morning All From Pennsylvania


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First let me say after lurking (LOL) around many sites for about a month I stumbled on to 420. Nicely done, thank you!

A little about this crotchety old toker and what brings me to your door step.
I'll make it short so you don't fall asleep. May 14 2010 I fell down 22 steps at work. Yeah not good. Ended up with neck surgery and a brain injury that will not ever permit me to go back to the high stress job i had.(damn it) But i can put those smiley face stickers on on the kids at Wal Mart lol. I digress. So in the past year and the chemical whirlwind that almost killed me twice. I have a constant headache 24/7. So I put the brakes on and went out back with my daughter and got back to nature and low and behold no more pain. Of course until it wears off 5 hours later. Given to us by Mother Nature to appreciate her world in the best possible light. Peace to all...

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I know right where you are at w/that... figuratively speaking of course... LOL

Welcome to the 420 mag family. If you haven't already, please take a moment to check out the guidelines: Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting
Or... dive right in and get to know some of the locals, the staff here are great and our members are top shelf... :Namaste:

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:welcome: to 420magazine... :yummy:
Lot's of good people here to help with the new climate... :yahoo:
Smoke one and enjoy the site... :rollit:

MV... :popcorn:


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Welcome Hammer :) what part of pa are you from :) Dont need specifics just north, west south,or east ?

Well, way down south eastern where the Amish are men and the sheep are glad of it.
Actually they live a simple life that we should be in great envy of.
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