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good or bad for a 3 week old plant?


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hello guys i was wondering if this plant is looking good and its 3 weeks almost 4 weeks into veg i was also wondering if i could start flowering soon because i only have smalll grow spot and need some bud quick ??


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Re: good or bad for a 3 week old plant ??

3 week from sprout or seed in dirt? Well you have secondary growth coming in so it may have been stunted for a bit but looks to be coming out of it. I usually pull the very top shite out at this age. Keeps it a little squatty and bushier. But u would still need 6-9 wks of flowering and at least a week of drying. Not to mention the couple days it would take to sex. So if u want it in November u could switch today. There's a journal on here where he starts all his seeds on 12/12 for there whole life. It's like forced autos. He gets decent yields for his wattage and size of plants tho
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