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Good ph meter


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I have the PH Pen listed 1st off there and it works AMAZING! It is worth the purchase. I have spent alot of money on my equipement so I will save money when and where I can, the reason why I purchased the listed PH pen.
No issues with it to date. I recommend.


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I cant recommend the yellow one.Ive wasted too much over the years on cheap pens,

depending on what ya do,this is my favorite in a unit,or in a pen the oakton ph2(59) is ok and the bluelab(89) is ok
Nutradip TRI Meter PH PPM Temp Meter | eBay


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I have a blue lab ph meter which I think is great. Its a bit pricey but it comes with a warranty which is pretty handy.


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Boy I wish we were free,I have done plenty of testing on the ph pens,have some videos that are crazy
light interference with ballast,changing out batteries,new vs old can make a .5 difference,In what i do,that a mistake that can make me sad

It is one of those things,you pay now,or you pay later.

hiddenconcept did you get the combo? with the ppm,bluelab does have a good warranty.


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Blue lab for the win folks! Iv'e been running the same pen for 4 years now without a single hiccup. Just store it properly and change the batteries when needed.
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