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Good Stealth Strain?


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Hey guys n gals,

Lookin to start up growing as a first timer all around and going with DWC. Ive been looking into some autoflowering lowryders for a good n00b attempt to get the jist of things.

Some that I have been contemplating are the blue himalaya x diesel and the purple jems. Another less "stealthy" as far as smell is concerned is the auto ak47 x blueberry (Ive just read numerous reviews about both, but not too much of the mix strain).

As far as the high I'm looking for, I dont REALLY have a preference between Sativa/Indica, eventually I would like to try one of each grows.

And again I dont know if it matters, but I'm looking to grow via DWC..

Any suggestions for an easy n00b grow or even just strain suggestions?

P.S. As far as seed banks go I have been looking at Attitude & Herbies.

Thanks all, sorry if I missed a post, I swear Im using the search function!!

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Are you growing indoor or out? I am guessing indoor since DWC. If so, why do you need a stealth strain?


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I would toss the auto idea, I did it with crap results and it was not from me....The only strain I would say is a good auto is Paradise seeds Pandora...It is great...The auto's end up taking just as much time as the regular with mixed results...I'm not too convinced yet that they have it all worked out with the kinks yet....I am speaking from experience, I have done 3 of the 4 listed above in your thread...:goodluck:
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