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Good time to re-"pot"?


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Here is a photo of my plant at about 6 weeks. It was in a 10" / 2 gallon pot, and I've just re-potted it into a 10 gallon pot. The strain is "Fruity Thai"

Does this look like I am re-potting at the right time? Any ideas how large the plant "can" grow outdoors here in the San Francisco Bay Area in this size pot? Does anyone know the norms for Fruity Thai outdoor or indoor?

I'm using fox farm & ocean soil. These are in pure veg stage with direct sun most of the day and they are under 1100 watts at night.



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Re: Good time to re-"pot" ?

yup thats the perfect time to repot. by the looks of your plant, being about 50/50 ind/sat, your location, and how well you grow it you can expect a plant anywhere from 6-8 feet. good thing youve been growin inside, looks like theyre gonna be big and sweet.
good luck this season and happy growin
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