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Good way to smoke for a beginner?


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My girlfriend wants to try smoking for the first time. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best way. I'm thinking bong because it makes the smoke less harsh, but I'm worried about her coughing and getting the weed wet, or worse, blowing it out of the bowl. So then I though joint, because other than it being constantly lit, the odds of much being wasted past that is slim. What would you suggest?

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Hawker's probably right. A nice, cool, damp smoke shouldn't cause your girlfriend cough less. Just caution her not to be a pig and breathe to deeply!


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I agree with a joint being the first thing she should smoke. Most people's tolerance is very small at first and smoking a bong would be too much.

Just show her the right method for smoking, gentlest way is of course thinking of it like your sucking a straw and just take a little in then breathe normally.

Too many people on their first time, myself included, just breathed normally and took too much in. Just explain it to her and show her and she should be fine.

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Go joint It's easier. Thers no explaining just hit it and pass. Besides a bong is a more effect way of getting high you dont want her to get to stoned and not like it.


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Spliff Twister said:
Go joint It's easier. Thers no explaining just hit it and pass. Besides a bong is a more effect way of getting high you dont want her to get to stoned and not like it.

I agree.....bong hits can overwhelm a newbie, especially if it's good green. Roll a nice sized joint at let her guage her own hits as she takes them.....:3: :peace:
Right on!!!! Then when she's a '420Girl' take some pix and post them.....:29:


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Thanks for the advice guys, Im going to be going for a joint. And I'll see about the getting her to pose for some 420girl shots.

Happy tokin'


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Dank420 said:
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i dont know if I would have wanted to smoke a bong for my first time. I didn't smoke a bong until like a year after I started smoking, and when i did, HOLY SHIT I WAS BLOWN. We smoked bongs in my friends garage and walked to the pizza place and just vegged out for like 2 hours. I remember being so damn paranoid that day. I just dont think a bong is a good first time smoke device because its just a little toooo MUCH, if you know what I mean. Kinda like driving your dads lambo for your first driving experience, believe me, its not going to end pretty. It might make the smoke less harsh, but its going to be complicated and hard hitting.

I'd say let her take a few hits from a bowl, she can take little hits, and experiment with pulling on the bowl instead of having to load a bong with smoke her first time and then filling her virgin lungs to the brim with pot smoke.
I'd say it depends how you hit it - a bong that is.
I'd say bowls are pretty good for beginners. Joints also work, just you have to show them really specifically how to smoke them because you'd be amazed how little some people know (through no fault of their own, of course).


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Yeah, good choice on the joint.. I think its the best 1st timer way to get stoned.. The person can control how much smoke they inhale at a time and this wil reduce any coughing, chocking, etc. Let us know how it turns out. ;)


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_qWERTY said:
I'd say a joint, only bc it was the first thing I ever smoked.


its easier to start with a joint than explain how to work the bowl/bong/whatever...it was easy for me to smoke with a joint my first time.


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lets see....with my sisters, I went ahead and kinda let them decide. I showed them how they all worked...and told them to pick. They both went for the ICY bong hits...which are awesome...because they are soo smooth. Then after a few hits of that...they used a bowl...and they both got pretty stizzzzzoned on their first times. I made sure they knew what being high was like....so they would know if they got high or not on their first time. anyways... I smoked out of a blunt for my first time...and I kinda wish I had done some icy bizzle hits first....( that was how I smoked the second time...) It was smoother and alot easier...just gotta teach em how to set it up...or set it up for them.


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Not a good way to smoke.. vape instead. I only wish vaping was around when I was a beginner 40 years ago. :3: :peace:
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my first time was a bong hit... it pretty much wiped me out.
I'd have to say Joint too
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