Goody's Dessert On Mars: Blueberry & GSC Autos, Sponsored By Weedseedsexpress & Featuring MarsHydro

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Welcome friends and fellow growers to my first ever sponsored grow journal, starring:

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Screenshot_2020-11-22 Indoor Led Grow Lights Grow Tents - Mars Hydro.png

Containers: 3 gallon
Light: @Mars Hydro TS1000
Soil: Promix and 25% Perlite, mosquito bits.
Nutrients: Superthrive, MegaCrop, Purpinator, Cal-mag if needed, Tapwater.
Strains: Blueberry, Girl Scout Cookies.
Screenshot_2020-11-22 Blueberry autoflower seeds (feminized) Weedseedsexpress(1).png

Screenshot_2020-11-22 Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds Weedseedsexpress(2).png

I am fortunate to have won my light (as well as this tent and accessories) here in a contest, and to have been able to test it for the past few weeks on my current crop. Not only is it a fantastic light at only 150w, but it was very easy to setup. It also came discreetly well-packaged and was shipped quickly. Thank you to @smokesara and @Mars Hydro for the opportunity.

@WeedSeedsExpress was generous enough to provide the seeds for this grow. They are friendly, easy to work with, and reasonably priced high quality seeds. Discreet packaging, quick shipping, and good looking product.
Also just a shout out to the REALLY important facts- 2 seeds were floated, and both sprouted. 100% success right out of the gate is a great way to start a relationship. Now let's see if we can crush those yield expectations.

I wanted to tag some fellow growers and friends here, I could not have done it without all of you.
Please join me-
@Carcass @MrSauga @Virgin Ground @Sunnyskies @BooWho2 @VetSmoke85 @Heavenly Hybrid @013 @Pennywise @PCaddict @InTheShed @syenite @bluter @West Hippie @DonkeyDick @The Celt @JimJonesJr @HutchBenedict @PK @Patient puffer @Grand Daddy Black @Amy Gardner @NorthernCosmos @Baron Von Blurple @StoneOtter @BeanTownFan420 @johnnystackz @dynamo1 @candycane @TorturedSoul @SoGnotSOG321 @420
And sorry if I left anyone out, I'm stoned :smokin:

Thanks to Covid I was able to start this journey a bit earlier, so here we go day 1:

80% tapwater, 20% H2o2 (3% strength) to float for 24 hours.
I skip the paper towel. Too much room for human error and bacteria. Straight into soil after float is the only way to go for me. Another thing I may do a bit different is having the seeds pop out into full light. No extra moisture, no cups, no shade. I generally get the light to where the seeds will pop out into around 22,000 lux. This has never been a problem, and gives the plant no excuses. Live or die, but this is your sun now-

And like clockwork, about 36 hours later we have life. About 4 hours after that, the other seed was also breaching the surface.

Healthy little ladies and they are loving the light, and having the tent to themselves. Onward and upward!

Thanks for joining and coming along on the new journey. Let's enjoy the simplicity, a bit of science, and hopefully a bunch of smelly flowers.

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Virgin Ground

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This has never been a problem, and gives the plant no excuses. Live or die, but this is your sun now-
I love this so damn much! :laugh2: :thanks:
Hey Hun, what up!?!
I may fall behind right away due to the holiday but I'll catch up asap.
Congrats on the good fortune. May it continue.:love:


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Right on my Braddah! I love my TS1000 a lot and I think for the price it crushes it in small spaces. The ballast does get a bit warm on mine but I believe the ballast can be separated from the light and put outside the tent..(win win less heat and longer life on the light) something I haven’t tackled yet lol. I remember @Old Salt did a tutorial on how he achieved this.

Looking forward to seeing how these ladies turn out. You do pretty work so I can already imagine the impending bud porn. Hope all is blessed Braddah good! Sending lots of love and respect from Hawaii as always!

:48: :48:


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You know I'll be following along!:love:
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