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gooey ac/dc cbd oil


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I just purchased some ac/dc hash oil. It is VERY gooey and difficult to deal with. It so sticky I cant cut it or separate it. can freeze it?
what can I do to get in smoking form?




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Depends on how you wanna smoke it. Some people use smoking stones in bongs or pipes. Some people smear it on smoking papers and roll joints.
Have you smoked oil in the past?

If you smoke cigarettes just roll a tubaco joint with the inside of the paper smeared with the oil. That's how I use to smoke it. Or roll it with pot.

From my understanding ac/DC is a pretty much cbd only strain. Not gonna get you very high. Its best to swallow medicinal oils then smoke. Make some cookies or eat it straight, can't imagine that going down smooth lol but from my understanding medicinal oils aren't intended for smoking only.

Cheers hope this helps.
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