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GoogleGenie Returns: Wedding Cake & Friends, Coco & RDWC, LED, ScrOG


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Day 65 Flower - Harvest finished​

It's taken me 2 days, but me and my harvest tools have managed to get through another harvest.

I'd like to give a special shout out to my back, it's taken a beating this grow, but it's been an absolute trooper the whole time!

Here are some snaps of the Blue Kush lady that has kept me busy today

Have a great day all! :peace:


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After a short break, following the harvest, on to the rest. Disposal of the harvested plants and clean up before turning the tent into a drying chamber.

Here are some final snaps of the ladies before they're evicted.

The Skeletons​

Deep Cheese Skeleton​

Blue Kush Skeleton​

One final salute from the last fan leaf

The Rootballs​

Thank you for your service


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Blue Kush Lady #2 and Deep Cheese Harvest Result​

I managed to drag the drying out for almost 6 days on these ladies in the sealed tent they flowered in. I kept the RH at 60% for the first few days, then drove it down to 55% where it dropped naturally. I harvested when the RH dropped below 50%. The buds were nice and dry and the stems indicated that they were ready to cure.

I took them off the drying rack today, removed them from the larger stems and weighed them up. Here are the numbers:

Deep Cheese​

Total : 201g / 7.2oz
1g of which is popcorn (I know right - this was a model lady right here)

Blue Kush #2​

Total : 239g / 8.5oz
13g of which is popcorn

Very impressed with both of these ladies. I thought that the Deep Cheese would be a healthy harvest just from how dense her buds were. The Blue Kush had a little more lower growth on her as she was hard to reach, but very happy with her as well. For reference here is a reminder of the numbers for the Blue Kush #1

Blue Kush #1 (Taken down 2 weeks ago)​

Total : 232g / 8.3oz
17g of which is popcorn i missed

The Total​

With the 232g from the harvest of the Blue Kush #1 the total for this run is:

232 + 201 + 239 = 672g (24oz Exactly)
(17 + 13 + 1 = 31g of popcorn)

I'm pretty happy with this considering the issues I had with Blue Kush #1 and the difficulty I had defoliating these ladies. That's an average of 6oz per 2x2 footprint. I'll be celebrating this weekend, by putting my feet up :Rasta:



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Hey guys. Thought i would share some pics of everything jarred up.

And here are some other shots of my stash from previous grows

There 10 right here - these are the recent ones. I moved what was in a bigger jar in the image above into a smaller jar as it wasn't quite full.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend :peace:


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I think I'm going to complete this journal now, as it will be easier to maintain one. The space has already been occupied but this lady anyway:

Who I may or may not flower, I'm yet to decide.

I know this journal was intended to be for the Wedding cake, but she isn't even ready to take clones from yet, so I might start another journal for her when she is ready.

Apologies if this journal has been a bit all over the place. I started my other one half way through and that has got the majority of my attention.

I hope I was able to share some useful knowledge in here. I'll post in here when i start my next journal, in case you guys want to come along for the ride.

Thank you all for following along in this one :Namaste: you all made me feel very welcome after returning from a long period of absence.

See you over in the other one if you are subbed to that one too.

Have a great weekend guys,



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Well done GG! Amazing journal from start to finish, great photos and write ups all around! I must say I'm sorry I missed most of this, but glad I made it just in time for the harvest shots.


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Well done GG! Amazing journal from start to finish, great photos and write ups all around! I must say I'm sorry I missed most of this, but glad I made it just in time for the harvest shots.
I agree well put! Me too!
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