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Gooo question

El Gusanito

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]Made a goo yesterday with vodka and a bunch of shake. Took the material and put thru a blender till very fine put in 1 liter jar with vodka to cover and mixed for 1 hour strained and drained thru strainer then coffe filters then wrong them out. put in stainless steele pan put in solar oven for a little to long very dried and crusted had to and more vodka till it went to solution again. It is very dark almost black and it taste green. but very stoney
I vaporize it with a good maginfining glass in a bong works good.
Did I leave it to long in the vodka and picked up the chlorophil?
Do I need to heat it up activate it or will it work on uncooked?
time to try the tinture again.
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