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GOP Mom Pushes Legal Pot

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As a self-described conservative Republican mother and activist, attorney Jessica Corry would seem to be a perfect fit for a Tea Party rally, a card-carrying member of the “Sarah Palin 2012” fan club.

But this Mother’s Day, Correy is asking for moms across the nation to take a stand for marijuana. That’s FOR marijuana.

She’s not advocating they necessarily smoke it, mind you. Despite being in favor of the legalization of marijuana for several years now, as well as representing medical marijuana patients and clinics in the Denver area, Corry says she doesn’t imbibe herself.

But opposed to what she feels are abusive and unfair marijuana laws, Corry is calling on moms and women in general who oppose the laws for whatever reason to make their voice heard by joining her Women’s Marijuana Movement (their slogan: “Safer for Us, Safer for All”).

In a commentary on the Green Zone section of the Dscriber.com website today, Corry blasts the “Drug War’s insanity” and the government’s “talking points” about the alleged detrimental effects of marijuana.

“As organizers, we question aloud how we could ever defend to our children the fact that America spends $30,000 a year on each non-violent drug offender we put behind bars at the same time we issue a $45,000 bill to each baby born today as his or her share of the national debt. …Prohibition has failed. Our nation is beyond broke. Let's choose a better future for our kids. Join us.

Corry, who has two daughters, says mothers and women of all walks of life are the key to changing the laws that she feels unrealistically paint marijuana as just as harmful in the long run as alcohol and have cost the taxpayers millions in wasted dollars. Women, she said, have provided the most positive responses to her message and adds that there is a precedence for women forcing social change: the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform which called for the end of prohibition in 1929.

The idea that Republican women would band together to end marijuana laws flies in the face of a recent poll by CBS News which found that women and Republicans were among the groups most opposed to legalization. Corry points to a “multitude” of national polls that show support for legalization at almost 50 percent, thought she doesn’t break it down into political affiliation.

Corry knows she’s on the outside of her party on this issue, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking her fight to the pulpit of GOP gospel...er, the right-leaning cable channel…um, fair and balanced network Fox News. And she’s no doubt made some tenuous relationships on the other side of the political fence as well.

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