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Gorilla - 30% Off Advanced Female Seeds This Weekend


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Yeah they are a sponsor.... they hook up gift cards for contests all the time!

I wish I could grab some. Please let me know if you offer the promo again. No funds until next week....

Gorilla Seeds

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Don't advertise here unless sponsor. Seeds are too expensive what makes them worth 20.58 a pop!? I must ask.

We've been a 420Mag sponsor since 2015 although I don't get a chance to post as much as I like these days.
Word is I'll have a little help soon & we may bring back forum specific discounts, contests, etc.

We do giveaway prizes every month for 420Mag's POTM, BOTM & MOTM contests - have a look. Maybe you could get some seeds from us for free?

As far as prices go, we're at the mercy of our supply chain & set our prices based on our costs.
We resell seeds - we don't breed them.

I think they're pretty expensive too. I thought that with expanded legalization they would get cheaper, but the opposite is happening - and the American breeders seem to be the most expensive too.

Lots of people explain it as you're not paying for a single seed, but for the potential of the genetics. If you get a keeper, nothing stops you from breeding your own seeds or cloning.


Member of the Month: Dec 2017 - Nug of the Month: June 2018
Awesome explanation there sherry! I will shoot you a pm next week. Thank you for your flexibility
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