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Gorilla Breath, Kwazulu, Bag Seed & Autos

yogi gardener

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:Namaste:welcome, have a seat, i don't drink but there's monshine in the fridge for company and the coffee is strong.

the current in house residents:
Grapefruit Auto by Fast Buds, at week 8.1
3 gallon
Blue Dream Auto at week 8.4
3 gallon
Mysterious Bad Seed of Some Lemony Type. (photoperiod)
1g transplanted to 10g
vegging for Mother till traits determined.
Gorrila Breath (2) (photoperiod) at about two weeks
1 gallon will veg for mothers
Kwazulu seeds are cracked and in soil we shall see how that goes as it warms up on the back porch.
will veg for mothers and seeds

LIGHTS: Series3 red spec 250 Budget LED
METHOD: LST, topping at 4th node. usually
WATER: rain barrels w 6.2 - 6.3 ph
NUTES: not really for 'em but teas occasionally and molasses in flower.
TEMP: Avg of 79° and 60% humidity
high of 81° low of 77°
Whats New: PH and TDS/ EC Meters
What's Old: Me and the house.

GOALS: 1) Harvest autos to clear space, run clones and create seeds for greater independence from predatory markets
2) come to an understanding of how to best utilize my new Budgetgrowlights.com light - an upgrade so big i can't believe this cheap Yankee cracked the wallet for a reasonably priced vastly superior product.

Background: growing n and off since the 80s, with a 17yr gap in there. stumble upon success here and there average yield and quality to the memorable.
Enjoyed herb since 1979, still do but yes
there are medical reasons too, pretty much broke everything, a fair amount more than once, significant brain damage, shattered spine, metal in body etc. You may note I forget things and end up repeating myself, be patient I'll get there and no worries im laughing at my ass too when I do screw up. I grow herb for food too, leaves go into smoothies as well im using the tent to start various garden plants collards, beans etc.
Things that I enjoy: visitors, humor, ball busting (im from Massachusetts. that's how we hug.) sharing info and pictures. As a specie we are geared towards narrative communications so these journals are fab for that.
huge thank you to 420magazine.com for this space.

I have roughly 50 or 60 seeds about 12 different strains some really good ones are being ordered now w some long desired West Coast genetics. But that is for the future, let us stay in the present.
the work space:
*WHY TF DO YU HAVE STONES IN THE POT?" If wondering, Mom gave them to me from her travels over the years. Mom passed this year in fact every major Mother in my life all died this year... the stones stay. emotional comfort i suppose but they stay.
Also i put stones in most of the setups in the soil, studies show small piezoelectric charge from crystaline structured stone (think crushed granite) has positive influence on root branching. why i dunno but im running w it. no i have no links to study bro science? i dunno. fuck it going for it.
Watering :a needed, i like them having dry periods or nearly dry.
Feeding: iffy, gotta look hungry for that.

Issues: yeah. plants too lol. BD has sketch leaf development w 5 weeks left maybe 4.
posts: on topic or off all good.

Lil About Me. avid gardener, baker and paddleboarder, hot rods and customs and a lifetime in the woods.

Welcome :Namaste:
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yogi gardener

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Are those the World of Seeds Kwazulu? I bought some I want to run eventually to find a nice male for pollen. I'll definitely stick around to watch them, if you don't mind. :48:
indeed! was growing Afropips Tribal Vision years ago fell in love w Arican sativas then and there.

Welcome and thank you!

yogi gardener

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defoliation and an aggressive tie down last night managed t cut one branch so yeah first clone volunteer.



I'm trying to fill the other side of the container having originally pulled the plant over the edge of the container. I will cut the top for a clone in a week or so. once all the exposed nodal sites branch up i will harvest clones. no seedlings above soil in camp kwazulu yet but darn its got to be soon.
grapefruit auto continues to humble me
- it is a tiny plant. Am reminded of this is spinal tap when the dwarfs dance around a mini stonehenge. 57 days. Stltoed got 80 out of his. i imagine i screwed it up w coco mixed in.... i forgot i did that added some soil mixed for the Jack OG i grew this summer and yeeesss i did not soak in cal mag befoe mixing so big cal mag issue for 57 days. As is all cloudy trichs, cut small bud last night to hang for a week :hookah:



hoping to get 10 days or more growth, odor is Amazing.
cheers and good morning everyone.

yogi gardener

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Cool. I'm in for the kwazulu. Keen to compare to what I grow. Cheers
Too cool. Well we are in luck as two have broken soil as if now! Welcome Lerugged thanks for being here!:48: how many do you have and in what medium? Any phenos standing out?



*piggyback a quick update: Trouble w blue dream, fed her tea might of been too peppy in the ph, watered gently w 6.2, will water again in a half hour. Will the peanut gallery please chime in ?



still, am happy w the structure overall am an auto noob so:eye-roll:

yogi gardener

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I breed original land race lines so have plants from quite a few places in natal zululand. Can't help with ph unfortunately I've never checked mine.
just checked out some of your grows damned nice sir! yeah you are strategically located indeed.

yogi gardener

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well trouble w the Blue Dream Auto. Pulled it out of the grow, soaked it in a plastic tub of 6.2 6.3 ish rain water (tested prior to soaking container) soaked till no longer floating, ten minutes or so. Drained and tested run off 5.9! the heck? Any gurus care to chime in? I've got it under lights draining off, should i attemp to feed or let it dry first a few days? I invoke the mighty apparition of @Emilya to arise (please).
I have no clue what TDS and EC #S mean but here they are:


la planta





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Sorry organic is not my thing. 477 ppm is low a seedling dosage of nutes I think she is hungry. Is 477ppm what your rain water is at ? Because that would be really high.

yogi gardener

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Sorry organic is not my thing. 477 ppm is low a seedling dosage of nutes I think she is hungry. Is 477ppm what your rain water is at ? Because that would be really high.
it was the run off from container
here is from rain barrel directly


hey, thank you for replying. it helps me.

yogi gardener

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That's more like it looks like good water. Like I said I have no organic experience so I have no advice to offer you. 477ppm runoff you would subtract the 36ppm rain water so 441 ppm witch would be a seedling level. Emilya should be by soon to help.
you sir, are wonderful thank you, mixing ca mag / fish shit now


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Hi Yogi... glad to appear for you.

First off, runoff is meaningless in a soil grow... of course its pH is way jacked up and high ppm. It is soil... you get debris in the runoff that makes the readings useless. Think of coffee coming out of a percolator... that is what is happening with your runoff. Put your PPM and EC meter away... you don't need them for this soil grow.

Second, Ocean Forest is not a complete soil that can support our plants all the way through. You are going to need to feed these plants. If you wish to stay organic, let me please recommend one of our sponsors, @GeoFlora Nutrients. This complete organic system is applied to the top of the soil once every 2 weeks, and it supplies all the raw minerals AND the microbes, that you will need for the next two weeks. I use the system, and have realized it is by far the easiest organic grow system I have ever tried.

yogi gardener

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Emilya first off thank you for the clarification grateful to learn something new. will def check out @GeoFlora Nutrients and order up. I dosed a heavier amount of fish compost and cal mag, tds 528, ph 6.4 - .5 to give it something to go on this week.

yogi gardener

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going to do some overnight adventures in the fridge to see what happens. buddy of mine puts his in a florist fridge each night last two weeks of fower. must say his is some frosty freaky, so i will try a few nights, see if any changes occur. I've a packed bowl and time.


yogi gardener

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possible rot, so out came the scissors. Dunn, never had that before, was dry crispy leaves and darker than the rest of the plant.
my eyes are not the best up close
but it felt different so off it came.
ordered nutes from @GeoFlora Nutrients so happy about that blue dream needs feeding lol. looks better from what she got 2 days ago imo. darker green leaves lifting to light more.

well started w 5 seeds, got 2 living 3rd one never got passed cracking the shell. i don't know. glad for what I've got though. Kwazulu gets it eaves, will soak five more seeds tonight.

dried a test nug I cut 5 days back and am very satisfied, classic grapefruit flavor that stays on the tongue with a clean high, good body stone that lasts and that was w white trichs. Stltoed must have some killer G.auto i ve screwed it up some but still grateful.
Day 61 hanging in full sun (back yard smells ammaaazzing :laugh: ) then back in the room. nights in the fridge - curious if color change will occur.


ordered up some Hula Dancer for a long haul grow. From the breeder " K1- Kalite Tizane reunion island landrace x Citrus Farmer (Resin stud)". should be cool. good thing I've several auto seeds handy during that time period, 12 weeks flower time minimum I'm certain.
Gorrila Breath finding its zone under the 250w wil fill out and up can in two weeks.
Grapefruit Auto
lessons learned: bigger container, more food. better pest management practices, deeper watering.
positive actions taken: purchased PH E/C pen and calibratingpowders, TDS/Temp pen, stronger pump for oxygenation of water and greater suspension of nutrients, kiled the mites.

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