Gorilla Glue DWC Grow, 2019

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Day 1

DAY 1. Feminized Gorilla. DWC
Thank you.
I don’t even check ec/ppm anymore because I’ve been using the same formula for years. But it’s at least 1200 ppm I bet. Plus I can’t find my meter. Which reminds. Going to search for it.
Looking good dude, what EC is that solution formula coming out to?
I added koolbloom dry last Friday. Trichomes are all cloudy. I see a few ambers. Buds are so heavy that I have to tie some of the limbs up. Starting the flush.
This is my only plant. Never had a male in my house yet this plant has a small amount of seeds. I think it’s due to some heat stress. Just an FYI. Buds are still compact and smell great and test samples are awesome.
Question/opinions. Seeds any good? They should be female seeds but I am debating what the difference is in using a hormone spray vs stress to hermie for pollen?
I know the opinions will be 50/50. I will be trying some and will update this post in a few months.
Weight soon to follow. Thank you.
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